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  • michalip ·
    yup 26x9x12 front, 26x10x12 rear, bighorns.
    As for the spacers - it changes the ride completely adding more stability for trail cornering and slow riding over rocks etc. try it.
    michalip ·
    not really sure what the original size they put on back in 2007 but all the guys here change them from the carlisle's to the maxis.
    I'll be visiting a friend tomorrow and I ll just read the dimensions on his tire, to post back here.
    Additionally, I've read the reviews on the bighorn vs bighorn 2.0 and since I'm pretty happy with bighorn I think I stick with those. But I got a few months of rubber left on mine.

    for the rears i see this spec 26x10x12
    M918 Bighorn Radial Rear

    M917 Bighorn Radial Front
    for the fronts it looks like a 26x9x12 but as I said , i ll check with my friend tomorrow
    lrickyl ·
    hi i was wondering u have 25 inch on your outty 07 ? original its 26 (i have 26) and shouldnt need a spacer(i`m not sure i bought my outty used 4 month ago)
    and the size tire i put for a big horn 2.0 they dont make it in 26-10-12 neither 26-12-12
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