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  • LouisianaJake ·
    I saw that you can change usernames. If you don't mind, can you change mine? I misspelled Louisiana like a big dummy! If you don't mind, change it to LouisianaJake for me. Thanks!
    acidise ·
    Hi Osokill. Used told to message you about this. When I signed up, my phone auto corrected my name to scissor. was supposed to be acidise. Any way you can change that for me? If you can, just go ahead and do it. I'll log in with acidise if scissor doesn't work. Also. I use a galaxy s2 phone and it sucks, it won't let me search your site, I click search and then click the text box and the screen resets. Same thing if an ad is under a thing im trying to click, it clicks the ad and not the button I'm trying to press. Thanks
    LOJO ·
    Hey OSOKILL can I assume you are a moderator for this site? Need to change my Username and from what I was reading I thought you might be able to help. Screwed up when I signed on. New name would be LOJO. Would appreciate it if you could help.
    Gade800X ·
    hey, was wondering if you know of any pictures of renegades with 26" highlifter outlaws, it would be tremendous if you did, then I could finally see what 26" laws look like on a rene, and hopefully make up my mind and make a purchase
    lrfmgt ·
    Hi Guys I have a 650 outtie with a dalton clutch kit and 28" Mudzilla's . I put the stock rubber on and now when you clamp it it goes to 7500 rpm and winds out to 8000 rpm at about 110 kph. does this seem normal or should I lighten the weghts a bit? THX LRFMGT
    CanAmmAn42 ·
    Hey how do I edit my profile?
    I wanna put a display picture up of my new quad and a bio of my quad like other users have? How do I do this?
    Thanks OSOKILL
    quadworx ·
    Osokill hi this is quinn from quadworx hope u are well i have a new product for the canam 800 our intake is finaly finished.. i would like to annouce it on the form. but i do not want to do whith out permision. can u let me know how i can complish this?
    ohh yeah Im still kickin lol ,,, so how ya been??? anything new happening... I aint even talked to folgers in forever
    Hey! Ran across your name on the AWF forum. Ain't talked to you in ages. Wondered if you're still kicken..Send a few words when you get time...GOTTOYS
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