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    Hey Renelander I am new to this site and I was told that you are the guy to talk to about a high flow water pump and a fan controller for my Can Am XMR 1000. If you could let me know were I can buy them that would be great thanks
    MudMan21 ·
    Hey Renelander! Any chance you could send me an adapter from your fan controller for an outlander 1000? Or tell me where to get one? I snapped the original one off when installing the fan controller.
    Bytor1000 ·
    Ty so much now how do I get the manual the service manual
    I tried one of your links but all I did was get some video game
    MIKE1SUN ·
    What's up man. My name is mike I'm from NC. And I'm about to get me a Rene 1000. I'm messaging u bc I think ur bike is awesome!!! I want a similar look! Gonna get me an xxc. Few questions for u. I wanna change my yellow middle piece to black. Do they snap right into place? Also with clutches looking at STM and qsc or air dam. Did it "transform" ur bike like people say. Lastly do u like ur exhaust i keep hearin 2into1 pipes make more hp bit I can't find any. Thanks a lot. Also on ur rims did u just paint em with yellow or what? Again amazing bike. Thanks for any help.
    Ahmad ·
    I have order form stave (monster) timing monster and fuel monster with single auto tune
    Could you please show me how can i install them in my renegade 1000 xxc2012
    Rotaxmonkey ·
    Ive got a '09 800x and i was river riding and broke my 4x4 actuator, BRP has them listed for about $200 but ive found them on ebay for $75 but they are from older model outlanders from '05-'07, are the actuators the same.
    bullet30 ·
    Hey man since your the king I'm tryin to fab up a wheelie bar on my outty 1kxt and people are sayin you've got the design, if u don't care can u share it with me?
    Rlb ·
    Renelander I've never asked you a question directly, but yours are the first threads I check when I have an issue. And you were the first person to welcome me to the site. New guys have benefitted from everything you do and we all appreciate it. Keep it up and don't sweat the people that have nothing better to do. You have saved me tons of money and time.
    r3dstar ·
    Well screw them man because you helped me a ton, by doing my own maintenance thanks to you saved me $$$. On top of that, don't take it personal, you know your stuff and it dosen't matter others false opinions. Your the man. It helps you got the meanest gade too!
    Renelander ·
    I tried helping others with maintenance tips and by finding Part#'s, shop manuals, used parts, aftermarket suppliers, etc.... but that just got me classified as a "know it all". I don't have to share this information when I find it, I do it because it's gratifying when you can help someone with their problems or save them from getting ripped off at the dealership but instead I get nasty reply's and PM's saying that I'm a liar, a bull-sh!tter, a failure at life, etc... I've reported this to the moderators and nothing has EVER happened so I started posting the nasty PM's for all to see what's going on now I'm the one that's out of line. I guess your allowed to send abusive messages to people on this forum as long as it's a PM. lol

    To the guy I got along with, Happy modding!
    hobo ·
    hey Renelander u seem to know what u are talking about im going to order a dalton clutch kit i have 26"swamp fox tires everything else is stock i would like to have my bottom end back plus a little bit more what would u recomend
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