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      Dual USB Charger Socket - Blue Sea Systems

      The Blue Sea charger puts out 2.1A while all the phone/USB/chargers I have are only rated at 500 Ma or 1A. I wonder what might be the ramifications of using a DOUBLE power USB charger...might it be Hard on the battery/circuitboard HEAT wise?
      The 2.1 A is max, for both circuits (both ports). But it doesn't really "put out" 2.1 A. Current (amps) is like flow and voltage (volts) is like pressure, so it "puts out" 5 volts and is capable of flowing up to 2.1 A total combined - meaning if you plug in a device that pulls (requires) more "flow" than that, you may pull more current through the socket than it is designed for and damage it. When you say your devices are "rated" for 1A, it's more likely they are stating they "require" a current of 1A to charge, so you shouldn't plug them into a socket or charger only capable of flowing 0.5A.

      Voltage, on the other hand, is a different matter. You certainly shouldn't plug a 5V device into a circuit that "puts out" 12V - that will damage it.

      In short, the sockets max amp rating can be larger than the device you're plugging in requires and no damage will occur.
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