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      Here is replacement exact pw sw for the CanAm HD 8-10 with AliExpress free ship to US. I am in Fiji with a 2019 HD 10 closed cab only 140miles, and now have same issue with driver door power windos switch's.. These are $21.+ each, going to order a few and see how they holdup.. Will let you know.. It taks about 3-4 weeks for shipments to be received here.. So I will get back to you all near the end of January 2022. Today's date December 28th 2021
      Here is the Link you can check it out.. People I know who use AliExpress report good experiences.. FYI
      Happy New Year All
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      Thanks, I’ll try it when the switch fails
      Hi Rob,
      Well the Spring stretch for the roller actuators, did'nt last long. Which I figured most likely not..Started the intermittent and no ops again.. So I tried another Fix Mentioned here on the Forum..
      I removed the Rocker Sw Covers, and installed a Round Head Wood screw into the Rocker Cover Stem's receptical,
      Now they work with a good solid actuation and appear to be consistent.. Time will tell how long it holds up..
      See Attached Pictures.
      Also the link I gave earlier from AliExpress are exact match design to replacemnt for the CanAm, However until I purchase a couple an see how long they hold up. Hopefully they are Improved?? Testing will tell. It will take me 4 weeks to get the new switches, and another few weeks of testing.. So mid February or later I will report on the AliExpress replacements.. 21.73US $ 29% OFF|8pins Fit For Can Am Defender HD8 HD10 2016 2020 Left Hand Power Window Switch Defender Max HD 8 10 2018 2020 2019 710004979|ATV Parts & Accessories| - AliExpress
      Best Regards,
      Happy New Year to All Better New Year !!!
      Pics of the Temp Mod to HD10 Defender Power Window SW's issue


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