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  1. Clutching
    I have a 2013 Canam Commander 1000, QSC Primary setup for 30s from QSC. and stock Secondary. I've had this problem from the very start when installing the new primary, when I try to engine brake it will "Pulse" the clutches causing a jarring rubber band effect with the engine braking. Normal...
  2. Can-Am XMR
    I'm looking to go brand new very soon and I have a question that I have never seen discussed. My 2019 XMR 850 produces maybe 2/3 as much heat as my 2020 1000xt. I can put my stock trail tires on my 850 and absolutely destroy my 1000 in a race 5/5 times. (Same tire and wheel setup on both, both...
  3. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hello, I just sold off my 2014 Outlander 650 XT. Loved it. I just ordered a New Outlander 850 XT-P Live near Smiths Falls, Ontario What else should I order for accessories?
  4. Can-Am XMR
    Hi everyone, I bought a 2014 Outlander 1000. It’s lifted 6” and has 32” outback’s with a dalton clutch kit. The reason I’m here is asking about performance. It’ll wind out to 7500rpm and I can get about 105-110km/h out of it. Not that I’m disappointed but it just doesn’t seem to have the grunt...
  5. Can-Am / BRP
    Hello Before month ago i heared a ticks from the engine. I replaced the timing chains with new guides and i did valves adjustment, one of the exhaust valves was loose. But after 2 days the ticks backs. I"m attaching a video to hear the ticks maybe someone will recognize those ticks. The ticks...
  6. Can-Am Renegade
    Hello There were ticks in the engine I changed timing+guides and did valves adjustment but the ticks remained. When the engine is cold there are no ticks. When it starts to heat up i start to hear, and when the fan starts working the ticks disappear. I hear them only when the engine is at...
  7. Can-Am Outlander
    Hi All, Harry here from United Kingdom, i have a OUTLANDER 1000 XT 2012 YELLOW Need a bit of help or if anyone has ever come across the same. My speedometer doesn't work correctly nor does it record mileage correctly anymore. Basically my speedo worked fine but something has gone strange, the...
  8. Can-Am Outlander
    I’m buying a new battery and looking to go lithium. Anyone have recommendations for my 2016 Outlander 1000 XMR? I run Ionic lithium batteries in my boat, which I love for the bluetooth app feature. But would like to know what others are running and if any fit like the stock battery.
  9. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hello folks, For the past few years I've been very active in the Honda forums, both for ATVs and SxS. However, yesterday I purchased the very first Can-Am I have ever owned, and added it to the Southwest ORV T&E fleet, so I will now be joining your community. I had intended to purchase a BRAND...
  10. Want to Sell
    2014 Can-Am Renegade XXC 1000R Bear Claw tires All stock No engine lights Heated grips Full Can-Am skid plates Factory installed winch Serviced every 3 rides (LOF/air filter) Everything works as it should All bushings, bearings, and ball joints replaced as needed. As it sits, it needs...
  11. Can-Am XMR
    I’m looking to get a newer can am outlander xmr 850 or 1000, just from people that I know people are telling me to stay away from the 1000 because they have more problems because they have more hp? I don’t know if this is true or not or if the people I know are just blowing smoke out their @$$...
  12. Can-Am Outlander
    I recently bought a 2012 1000 Outlander off a neighbor. Got a really "good" deal on it so I was pretty pumped. Put about 200 easy miles on it and she seized up. Shortly after I bought it it started showing PTO bearing issues... wouldn't start worth a dam once it got warm. Aaaaaanyways I've...
  13. Can-Am Outlander
    Enjoy! I'll be posting more in the coming weeks, a bit behind on my editing. Disclaimer: There's also footage from before I got my outlander :P
  14. Can-Am Renegade
    Hey I've recently picked up a 2015 Renegade 1000, has the power but not the noise! Im looking for a new exhaust, I'm thinking RJWC or HMF... input??? which exhaust? slip on/full??? thanks
  15. Can-Am Outlander
    Does anyone know what brp did to get the extra hp out of the 1000 in the 2016 lineup? It went from 83hp to 89hp.
  16. The Mud Pit
    Howdy fellas, so I participated in my first Mud Run event today and took a whoopin. Here's what I'm running: 2013 outlander 1000xt. Mods: 2" shock spacers, 29.5x9.5x14 outlaw 2's, full primary and secondary clutches machined for outlaws, muzzy slip on with PCV tuner and a snorkel. I came into...
  17. Can-Am Outlander
    So I just got a 12 outlander 1000 xt about a month ago (due to wrecking my 08) and I am considering adding a snorkel. I was wondering what kind of snorkels everyone is running and why? How easy was the install? And what else should I do before getting into the water? Thanks
  18. Can-Am Outlander
    Check out my youtube channel. We ride almost every week and I have started editing videos. Subscribe to my channel and enjoy! :aniwheeler6:
  19. ATV Reviews
    Hello everyone! I'm brand new to this forum, but thought I would stop here and share my blog post where I review our 2014 Outlander Max 1000 Limited. I plan on writing many more reviews in the future, so if you check it out please let me know what you think of this review. Outlander...
  20. Please Introduce Yourself
    My name is Grace, and I'm brand new to this forum, although I'm not entirely new to ATV's! My boyfriend, Austin, and I bought a 2014 Can-Am Outlander Max 1000 Limited earlier this summer, and we absolutely love it. I even started a blog about it, and would be thrilled if you would check it out...
1-20 of 42 Results