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  1. Can-Am Renegade
    Hi everyone, I'm new to these bikes and I am looking at purchasing one. The one in question is a 2009 Renegade 800r. It looks like its in good condition and not beat on but It shows some signs that its 12 years old of course. It needs a few minor things like Front U Joint, Seat Cover, and a few...
  2. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hi Guys, I just picked up my fist ATV. a 09' Can-Am Renegade 500. I'm to say the least pretty excited out it, it being my first 4 wheel toy and all. I have spent my time trail riding in southern Ontario on my KTM 200 2-stroke. A few of my buddies ride quads and they look like a blast. So I...
  3. Can-Am Outlander
    All, Before I explain my question let me share the good side of my Outty. Last Saturday (for the first time by the way) I took my 2009 Max 650XT to the woods in Istanbul. It wasn't raining that day, but over the last weeks we had few rainy days. So the trails were somewhat muddy & wet. I...
  4. Can-Am Outlander
    Hi i just bought a 2009 can am outlander 400 xt with 1200 miles. Just wondering how many miles they are expected to go. It will be very well taken care of and all maintenance will be done.
  5. Can-Am Renegade
    My son has an 09 Renegade 800. He is at about 22 hours now. At how many hours does the ECU change to the full power of the ATV? I have heard 6, 10, and 23 hours, but nobody seems to really know. Even the dealership doesn’t seem to know. Any thoughts? I am sure this has been discussed...
  6. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hi, My name is Ramon :P I am from Belize, Central America. I like riding my atv and playing games. I am 16 years old, I ride a 2008 Can am DS 250 my dad rides a 2009 Can Am Outlander Max 500 EFI. If there is anyone who rides in Belize please tell me :P I will be going on a 40 mile road next...
  7. Can-Am Outlander
    Is it possible to mount the -09 intake and filter from 800r on a -08 650? If so... whats the part that I need, pics on the parts or some number would help. Sorry.. bad spelling:th_smiliepissed:...... From Sweden:th_smiliewavey:
1-7 of 7 Results