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2013 can-am
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  1. Please Introduce Yourself
    A few monthes ago i Purchased a 2013 can-am commander limited with 2334 miles. I believe I'm the third owner, 1- the guy whose name scrolling across speedometer, 2 - the guy who took my money, and 3- me. my name is Al, or Alan or other things, but I mostly go by Joe. The system is in decent...
  2. ATV Tech Tips
    2013 outty 800xt. I want more bottom end and mid so I am definately going to be buying a clutch kit. No full clutch for me as i do not need it. I ride 50% hard trail and 50% thick mud. I am not sure whick kit will be best for me as they are similar price. I am running 27" zillas now and going...
  3. Can-Am Commander
    does anyone know how to change the greeting message on my 2013 commander 1000? i just got it today and i have read the owners manual but it doesn't say in there how to do it.....i want it to say my name or a creative catch phrase....not just the name of the dealership where i bought...
  4. Can-Am ATV & Forum News
    Can-Am has a special 2013 model announcement that will take place September 14th (today!) at 9:00PM EST and we will have it all covered right here! This could be the biggest announcement of the year in the entire Powersports industry so stay tuned!!
1-4 of 4 Results