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  1. Can-Am 2016 Models
    Have an Outlander 450 that the 4x4 isn’t working on. When I turn the key with bike off I can hear the actuator engaging and disengage no problem, however it’s not actually switching in and out of 4x4.So I’ve checked the switch and cleaned it that’s good, I’ve swapped around relays, headlights...
  2. Can-Am Renegade
    So I have a 2012 renegade 1000, I was riding in the snow and noticed my front right tire was spinning and my left was doing nothing. I went home and jacked it up and again the front right turns just fine and the left moved maybe a half turn than nothing. I took the axle out and ordered a new one...
  3. Can-Am Renegade
    2019 renegade 570 xmr dash says it's locked in 4 but it's in 2 and will not do anything. Checked the fuses and pulled the 4x4 switch apart and still nothing. I can't hear the actuator making noise. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
  4. Can-Am Outlander
    Hello everyone, I’m having an issue with my ATV where sometimes the 4x4 does not disengage and the light stays on. I did a lot of research on this and read a lot of threads here and tried some of the suggestions already. What happens is say I engage 4x4 and drive in L or H. I then try to...
  5. Bombardier - JohnDeere TrailBuck - Traxter XL < before>

    Day 1: Patient admitted D.O.A. with 11 frame fractures, missing parts, and very dirty. Power-washed and sent to extensive care unit. More info & photos to follow. Look closely at frame breaks.
  6. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hi, My name Jimmy Griffin from southeast Ga and I just bought a 2006 650 outlander4x4 for my son and im looking for info on the goods and bads of this thing, Im a certified Outboard mechanic of 25 years, so i have diagnostic tools and eqipment to service and repair it, but finding a service...
  7. Can-Am Service Manuals/Bulletins/Recalls / How To
    I have a 08 outty 500 xt and im running into electrical problems first the starter soleniod went out then my lights,4x4,and winch all quit worknig at the same time i put a new soleniod in it that fixed the starting problem then i put a new 4x4 switch in and nothing all fuses are good any answers...
  8. Can-Am Outlander
    Good afternoon. I have an 800 Outy 4x4 problem. Typically when i engage or disengage the 4x switch i am either at a dead stop or rolling very slowly. I live in Atlanta (north of) and during this ice debacle i was out in it IN 4x4 with no issues. Then it happened. Yes. You have all had it happen...
  9. Can-Am Outlander
    Anyone know where you can get rear caliper seals for a 2004 outlander 400 XT 4x4. I ordered the piston set for 48.99 got it today and only thing in piston "set" is the piston. no seals. They told me it came with seals. Now I have 2 pistons and no seals lol. Any help will be appreciated
  10. Please Introduce Yourself
    I ride a 2004 Bombardier Traxter Max. I have 3015 miles on it with over 300 hours. I use it for riding mountain trails around Mt Hood and other mountains here if the Cascades.
  11. Can-Am / BRP
    Hi, I recently purchased an 07 outlander 800 with about 50 hours, 700 ish miles. This is my first can am so I'm still learning about them, my issue is that when I bought it, the 4wheel drive Engaged and disengaged with no problems, I took it out after I bought it for a run same no issues...
  12. Can-Am Renegade
    Guys, I was out this weekend at MUDMUCKERS here in Florida and hardly ever need to engage the front wheels.... When I finally did they did not work! I cannot hear the actuator or see the two/ four wheel icon on the display. When I first turn the bike on I see the icon appear for a second but...
  13. Rides and Events
    Luster's Longhorn Mud Ranch with over 300 acres of a 4x4s dream will be hosting Trucks Gone Wild October 7th -9th with early arrivals as early as Wednesday. The money pond will be worth $2000 and will be run on Saturday. A night ride poker run will also be held Saturday night. If you like trail...
1-13 of 13 Results