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  1. Can-Am Outlander
    I recently purchased a 2023 outlander 570xmr. I’m looking at lift kits for it and most of the lifts say they fit the 2018 570 but not anything newer. Does anyone want what’s different about them? Why the lift kit would t fit both models?
  2. Can-Am Outlander
    What mods not mud related, is worth it on the 570 ? (other than exhaust and tuner)
  3. Want to Sell
    Bought this brand new direct put it on took it for one trip up north and didn’t like it. Im older and although it does sound like a V-8 car and really awesome it’s just too loud for me when riding. Absolutely nothing wrong with it only has about four hours of ride time.
    $600 USD
  4. Can-Am Outlander
    My Outlander 570 was rolled about a month ago. I cant seem to get the support steel for my rad relocate to get back into shape. Is there a website I can order the OEM support? All of the tubes and interiors are fine. I do not have the XMR but I bought the official Can-Am Radiatior Relocation Kit.
  5. Can-Am Renegade
    I was wondering if anybody knew if there was a display that you can put on a renegade 570 that would show temperature and just be updated overall.
  6. Can-Am Outlander
    The base model 2022 Can Am Outlanders clearance is 10.5". The MR is 11.7". Are the frame and the engine the same or is there something different? I would like to make an upgrade in tires, and am not knowledge able enough to install a gear reduction myself. Im wondering if I can upgrade to a...
  7. Can-Am Outlander
    My buddy is having battery issues, he has a 2021 570 xt and I have a 2022 570 base. Do we have the same battery? If not what battery do they use in the stock models?
  8. Can-Am Outlander
    Does anyone have a link to a part number for the radiator relocation clamps that are provided with the can am outlander relocation clips. The shop I took mine too said they were to small (Broke one while installing it) and I really want to get the proper hardware installed.
  9. Can-Am Outlander
    What is the deepest I can go in a can am outlander 570? I believe all of the intakes are under the pod beneath the handle bars? I do not have it snorkled but wanted to make sure I was not missing an intake. Thank you.
  10. Can-Am Outlander
    So on my stock Can Am outlander 570, the wheel size is 12", and the stock tires are 25x8x12 Front and 25x10x12 Rear. Is the wheel size of the front the same width as the back? As in if i bought new tires and had them both (Front and Back) be 25x10x12 would they fit the front wheel?
  11. Can-Am XMR
    Just got my 2022 Can-Am XMR 570, Put 18 Miles on it around 3 engine hrs. I have gave it a little bit of throttle in low and have spun tires in high in slippery hard pack snow, The CVT sounds like it has a little bit of debris at low rpms, Just kinda annoying and kinda off.,I am still in break in...
  12. Rides and Events
    Playing in the pow pow!
  13. Can-Am Outlander
    Can 650 headlights, front and rear XT bumper and maybe the plastic racks fit on a 570 ?
  14. Pv3

    Can-Am / BRP
    Does anybody know why the pv3 tuner doesn’t have any options for a 570? It only shows 850 and 1000 versions. Can I just buy one and find different tunes to load onto it?
  15. Can-Am / BRP
    Does anybody know if my renegade 570 would handle tracks? I know it doesn’t have power steering, but I am wondering if the 570 has enough power to dig through powder. My dad is tying to get a couple sets on a demo.
  16. Can-Am / BRP
    I have an 2020 Renegade 570. The other day I found my Dad’s old gen 1 STM secondary laying around, and I was wondering what a a good helix and spring setup for it would be. I want some more low end grunt, and I want to have enough torque to be able to hit the throttle going 30mph around a corner...
  17. Can-Am Renegade
    I'm about to pull the trigger on this set up for my 19 Rene 570 on 30s. I ride almost all mud and some trail in florida. What spring/weight combo am I looking for with the cvtech and the stm seems confusing to order online. Definitely going to call them. Any input would be appreciated. Thank...
  18. Can-Am Renegade
    2019 renegade 570 xmr dash says it's locked in 4 but it's in 2 and will not do anything. Checked the fuses and pulled the 4x4 switch apart and still nothing. I can't hear the actuator making noise. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
  19. Can-Am Outlander
    Hi everyone, I have a 2020 Outlander 570 XT. It’s been a great machine and has given me zero problems. It currently has about 950 km and around 60 hours. I hopped on it today to give it a run because it’s been sitting for 2-3 weeks in below freezing temps. After a good warm up in the -6 °C...
  20. Can-Am XMR
    Hello guy first post. Looking to see if any else has seen the new updated cluster on the 21 xmr 570s. Definitely looks like they did one thing right in 21. I know there was the xtp cluster swap out there not sure if they would work on a 2020 with the small cluster. Well curious if any one else...
1-20 of 38 Results