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  1. Newly rebuilt 975 won't crank over fast.

    Can-Am Renegade
    Hey guys, just rebuilt my engine. 975bbk that was in before but spun rod bearing. Did a full rebuild, got it together. Same starter and battery. It will not roll over fast enough to even try to start. Backfired once out of intake but I think at that time I may have had my pcv wires backwards for...
  2. Rear end noise

    Can-Am Renegade
    Hey everyone, I was hoping to see if anyone else has had the issue I’m having with my 07 renegade 800, when riding and using the rear brake or accelerating there is a clunk/click noise that can be heard coming from the rear I didn’t have this issue in after I help my neighbor pull a broken tree...
  3. 2011/2012 800 XMR Tips

    Can-Am XMR
    Hey guys, I'm located in Calgary and just purchased a 2012 800 XMR for a steal of a deal (2000km ~$5500). I was wondering if you could give me any advice on mechanical quirks, things to look out for anything else that will help me out on the day to day stuff. I'm also looking for info on any...
  4. Help! Can Am Renegade 800 2007 jerking on decelleration

    Can-Am Renegade
    Hello Everyone, i own a Renegade 800, model 2007. In the recent months I experienced a jerking on decelleration, around 30kmh . The problem got even worse if i am riding with a passenger or with 4WD. Attempting to solve the problem I tried to inspect and clean the clutches. I replaced the one...
  5. 2007 Can Am Renegade 800?

    Can-Am Renegade
    Hey guys, I'm looking to join the Can Am crew and getting a Renegade 800 (currently have a Sportsman 500). I've got a potential deal on a super clean (only about 200+ miles), 2007 Renegade 800 ho. What do you guys know about the 2007s? Better to look for an '08 or newer? Thanks for your thoughts!
  6. 05 Can Am Outlander 800 wont start up?

    Can-Am Outlander
    Here's a good question for you.. My 2005 Can-Am Outlander 800 Bombardier won't turn over anymore.. Pushing the start button shuts lights off and engages fuel pump, but does nothing else. Doing this while crossing the starter solenoid terminal will turn it over but will not start. I have spark...
  7. 2015 xmr 800 brand new

    Please Introduce Yourself
    anyone else having fron shock issues with their 2015 xmr 800s ? i have less than 500 km and i already blew out two shocks on the front at serpeate times im thinking it has to do with the large weight increase on the front end ?? dealership warrantied them but still kinda a pain :aniwheeler6:
  8. Difference between 2010 and 2011 OEM Shocks

    Goofed up the other day and broke the tabs off the right front shock while trying to adjust the springs:th_smiliepissed:. There's a right front shock in the classifieds off a 2011 Renegade 800R and I am wondering if it will fit my 2010 just to get me by until I upgrade all four shocks. I also...
  9. 2006 Outlander 800 Frame upgrade?

    Can-Am Outlander
    I just recently purchased a 2006 Bombardier Outlander 800. I don't plan on riding hard all the time just mostly back wood trails and maybe do a bit of mudding here and there. I understand that these things have weak frames as well as some other minor issues. What would you folk recommend I do...
  10. Outlander 800 driveline swap help

    Can-Am Outlander
    I have a 2007 outlander 800 xt. I have a complete drivetrain from a 2008 outlander 800 xt max. I have swapped the 08 engine and transmission over to my frame. Are their any differences in gear ratio for the Diffs? I want to put the 08 front diff in and keep the 07 rear diff in. Also, are their...
  11. 2008 Outlander 800 want start?

    Can-Am Outlander
    Ok so a guy on Craigslist has a 2008 outty 800 for sale but it won't start. He claims he was riding it when it quit and now it want start back up. Said he replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, ignition coil, plugs, and said it has 167 psi on the front cylinder and 160 in the back cylinder. Also...
  12. buying renegade advice??

    Can-Am Renegade
    Hi I am going to look at buying a 2007 can am renegade 800 today, and I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice about how to tell if it was taken care of(things like check oil, look at frame,ect.)
  13. Cheap aftermarket parts

    Can-Am Renegade
    I was wondering if anybody knew anywhere that i could get cheap :smilietwocents:aftermarket parts. anywhere that cuts out the middle men so i can just buy straight from the factory, or any companys that part out can ams. specifically stuff that fits a 2012 can am renegade 800.:aniwheeler6:
  14. Help with spring replacement

    Can-Am Outlander
    I'm looking at changing my springs on my 2006 outlander 800xt. I hear there are heavy duty (HD) springs at BRP but I also hear the by just using the max springs that it can make a world of difference. So I guess I'm asking if anyone knows what's the best bang for my buck? I find the suspension...
  15. Plow Compatible W/ Bumper?

    Can-Am Renegade
    Hey, I have a Wild Boar Front Bumper (Wild Boar Stealth Bumper Can-am Renegade 500/800 05-11 - Wild Boar ATV Parts | Your source for ATV Parts, ATV Tires, ATV Wheels, ATV Radiator Relocation Kits, Axles, Snorkels and more) and it comes with an integrated winch mount for my 08 Renegade 800. I was...
  16. Best axles?

    Can-Am Outlander
    I know many people will say go gorilla but i want something almost as good that isnt going to completely break the bank.. so far im going with Super ATV but i've read a lot about Sixity? a lot of people swear by them but many others strongly disagree.. any opinions?
  17. How much lift can I put on my 800???

    Can-Am Outlander
    Hey all I got a 2006 800XT, Hoping someone can tell me how much like i can install on my bike? Id like to upgrade my springs seeing how soft the stock ones are even with them being adjusted. And while I'm doing that Id like to install a lift kit. The kits seem really cheap and i could deff use a...
  18. knock in the engine?

    Can-Am Renegade
    hi, I have been looking for a can am renegade for some time now and I just found one worth about 7000, he is asking 3000, the only thing wrong with it is the engine has a knock in it. how much would it be to replace? what could of caused it? will there be more parts breaking from being beaten...
  19. renegade 500 or 800

    Please Introduce Yourself
    Which is better considering milage/power?any problems with either?( right now I have a Honda rancher 420, and she runs perfect.)
  20. 2013 800xt pipe without programmer?

    Can-Am Outlander
    I have a 2013 outty 800xt. I want a slip on HMF swamp series. NOT XL. Anyone do any real tests to see how the machine is running (lean/rich) with out a programmer? No well it worked for me kinda answers haha. I want a slip on that is close to stock but a little better tone. I took the spark...