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big bore

  1. Kawasaki
    Hey gang. So I picked up this bike cheap for a spare machine. Decided to make a project out of it. Want it to be able to keep up with my XMR. Got its cheap enough that there enough cash left to mod it. Bikes was pretty beat. But a solid runner. So here my list so far. Got about a 3000 dollar...
  2. Can-Am DS
    i was wondering about a big bore for a few weeks now i know of the 720 sleeved garbage kit but does anyone know about the 730? does the 730's 105.5 piston make the bore size unreliable ? and did anyone ever use just the 105mm for je instead of the 105.5.. i dont wanna bore to large and crack the...
  3. Can-Am DS
    I am in desperate need of a service manual for my wheeler... i purchased it last week and the engine is makeing a knocking noise and the oil had a few metal flakes in it when changed... please please please help me out i cant find this thing anywhere