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brake light

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  1. Can-Am Outlander
    Hi good afternoon, my outlander 1000 xmr has the break always on, and doesn’t accelerate, I already check the brakes, brake fluid, and fuse box and still appear the light check ((p))
  2. Can-Am 2010 Models
    Have a 2010 renegade 500cc I am having issues the atv only has 500 miles on it The display says "parking brake", the back tail light doesn't work, and it goes in limp mode and willing go over 15 miles a hour? I will try anything my closest can am dealer is 220 miles one way! Thanks
  3. Can-Am Outlander
    I have been searching and have read many posts that are similar to my issue but not quit the same. Everything I have found leads to the brake switch but I wanted to get some opinions. While installing a Kimpex rear trunk tail light I noticed my rear brake light wasn't working. While...
  4. Can-Am Commander
    Why cant i start my 2013 commander in gear with the brakes applied? the brake lights dont work either. all fuses are good. the relay tested good. i tried unplugging the pressure switch and completing the circuit on the harness and still nothing. are the brakes set up in a continuous circuit...
  5. ATV Tech Tips
    I recently bought a nice Wes Industries storage box for my '06 800XT and ran into issues with wiring up the included high rear brake light and would like to share my experience. The big issue is due to the Can-Am light wiring. The included instructions said to run the power line to the front...
1-5 of 5 Results