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  1. GEP Fuse Box Missing

    ATV Tech Tips
    I bought a flooded 2015-08 Can-Am Renegade 1000r Base, and the GEP fuse box isn't there, is that fuse box necessary or no?
  2. 2002 Quest 650 - Won't idle

    BRP Traxter / Quest
    I own a 2002 Can-Am Quest 650. It will start if you massage the throttle a bit and it will continue to run. BUT if you let go of the throttle and try to let it idle it will always die warm or cold. It has Non-Oxy premium gas, a new gapped NGK plug, a good CVT belt, a new carb (as of today) and...
  3. Buying a New Can am 500 L - freight, pdi, sticker price

    Can-am 2015 Models
    Hey all, I'm a first time poster here. I have been shopping around at many different ATVs for the past few weeks. I have narrowed it down to the Can Am 500 L. The problem I am having is that my local dealers (two wheel motorsport and team vincent motorsports) wont seem to budge on either...
  4. Renegade able to drive without front diff?

    Can-Am Renegade
    My question is can I drive my renegade without a front diff on, only need to drive it to load onto the truck and off so the dealer can work on it. I need to replace the bearing in the front Diff, and I can do that myself, while the dealer needs to look at some bearings and seals in the tranny...
  5. My Recent Trip to Mines and Meadows in PA

    Members Rides
    Made a short little video, tell me what you think :yahoo:
  6. Can-am 2014

    Can-Am / BRP
    The summer is guys what do you expect to see this June?
  7. Outlander back up lights (new body style)

    Can-Am Outlander
    Wanted to replace the reflectors on the back of my new outlander and i did some looking on the web. Found these led lights that fit perfectly in the exsisting hole. Only mod work i needed was to hole saw out the center for the base of the light to slide through. I installed the switch on the...
  8. change greeting message

    Can-Am Commander
    does anyone know how to change the greeting message on my 2013 commander 1000? i just got it today and i have read the owners manual but it doesn't say in there how to do it.....i want it to say my name or a creative catch phrase....not just the name of the dealership where i bought...
  9. Questions for aftermarket exhaust and lift kit

    Please Introduce Yourself
    I have a 2008 650 Outlander. Only aftermarkets are the 27 inch mudlites and SS rims. I am wanting to upgrade to a semi loud aftermarket exhaust. Do I have to have an EFI optimizer??? Or is it just recommended? Will I mess anything up if I don't get it? What's an average cheap price for a pipe...
  10. Can-Am Outlander XMR Air Intake

    Can-Am Outlander
    After putting the XMR CVT Exhaust on my renegade, almost everything is snorkeled high enough for me. The lowest point right now is the stock Air intake location, which I am unhappy with. Could anybody show me a picture or tell me if I could put The XMR style Air intake onto my Renegade? They...
  11. Can-Am Renegade XMR CVT Exhaust

    Can-Am Renegade
    Well I took my chances and ordered an XMR CVT exhaust for my renegade. I've seen people do it before, but was unsure. I spent a total of $45 for these pieces, and they worked!:yahoo: I'm pretty happy with it, and nothing went wrong so far. I took it out for a little spin, no plastic got to hot...
  12. 2008 ds 450x for sale

    Can-Am DS
    Im selling my can am ds450x bike runs great, it has new itp mudlite tires back and front brand new dg front bumper and an hmf performance slip on exhaust. Bike is garage kept and very clean. Im asking $4500 but will accept reasonible offers... BIKE MUST GO ASAP!! i can email pictures, thanks
  13. Is it worth it?

    Can-Am Outlander
    I was wondering if it would be worth the 5k to upgrade from the 500 xt to the 650 xt I used to have an arctic cat mud pro 700 and I am seriously missing the torque that it had If it isn't worth it then what are some good upgrades for the 500?:th_smiliepullhair:
  14. ATV websites online

    Please Introduce Yourself
    I Have recently been doing a lot of shopping online, and a lot of websites have bad reviews. My simple question to you is... Is the website powermaddstore a safe and realible website? Has anyone ever ordered anything from thier website?
  15. Renegade won't crank

    Can-Am Renegade
    I have a 2008 renegade 800 that I bought from a good friend of that wasnt running. It had been sitting up for about a year and a half. Ghe last time he rode it he and a few other good friends said he got water in his belt housing and didnt have a drain plug so he held it on the rev limiter to...
  16. Brp announces 2012 can-am atv and side-by-side vehicle racing contingency program

    ATV Racing
    INDUSTRY-LEADING $1.79 MILLION PROGRAM HAS INCREASED SERIES AND CLASS COVERAGE FOR 2012 Valcourt, Québec, December 22, 2011 – BRP will provide nearly US $1.8 million to support its industry-leading Can-Am® ATV and Side-By-Side Racing Contingency Program for the 2012 racing season. BRP has...
  17. Brp announces can-am atv sweepstakes

    Can-Am ATV & Forum News
    Valcourt, Québec, November 18, 2011 – Beginning November 22, ATV riders can earn 256 chances to win a brand-new 2012 Can-Am® Outlander™ 1000 XT™ or Renegade™ 1000 X™ xc during the Can-Am 4x4x4x4 Sweepstakes held exclusively on Facebook. Follow four simple steps and you’ll earn up to 256 entries...
  18. 2011 outlander brakes?

    Can-Am Outlander
    i have a 2011 outlander just have one question. When you apply the hand brake on the handle bar in 2wheel drive or even in 4wheel high it makes a grinding like sound till you stop almost like the discs are wet type sound ??? But if you where to put it in 4 low in 4wheel drive it does not make...
  19. DS 450 fuel pump problem

    Can-Am DS
    Hey, i just recently bought a 2008 ds 450. This is my first fuel injected bike. The bike fires up with starting fluid but will not run without. The fuel pump was not cutting on so i pulled the connection of that powers the fuel pump an used a volt meter to figure out that the 2nd to the bottom...
  20. Hello!

    Please Introduce Yourself
    Hello... My name is Danny, Im in Cyprus and would like some help with the BRP can-am Outlander 400cc 2008 Rotax engine.... The problem is that its making a noise from the engine but it dont come from the valves as I have checked the clearence while the engine is cold... The sound is like...