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  1. Can-Am DS
    I have 2 2018 ds70s. One outruns the other by a few mph. I have owned them for a year now and just a couple months after purchasing they started running on choke. One about 1/2 the other about 3/4. The one on 3/4 choke is the one I’m starting with an id the slower one. I have cleaned the carb...
  2. Can-Am Outlander
    I have a 2005 outlander 330 When it starts it idles but when giving it gas it dies?? Also when I turn the chock off it idles really high what should I do to fix this
  3. Can-Am Outlander
    Hi Folks, I haven't posted in a long time. I have a 2004 Outlander 400 HO Max XT that stalls out above 900 feet (yes, 900, not 9,000'). It progressively gets worst the higher you go. I have consistently returned to the same location / elevation and it always "acts up" above 900' and gets...
  4. Can-Am Outlander
    Fixed!! 1st problem ever carb? Cleaned carb, inspected floats, ran small wire through every orfice and jet I could find and sprayed WD 40 in every hole. cleaned best I could and it ran fine when I put it back together. :th_smiliebanana2: Ruled out fuel pump, it was filling the bowl and...
  5. Can-Am Outlander
    Hello. Sorry If i am doing this in the wrong place but I am new here. Also new to the quad scene. I recently traded an old cherokee I had for a 2005 outlander 400 4X4. The guy i got it from said it needed a fuel pump and then it would be good to go... It starts up fine when you pull the...
  6. BRP Traxter / Quest
    Does anyone know if you can put a carb off a 2001 DS 650, i believe mikuni 42mm, on a 2001 Traxter 500, stock is mikuni 33mm. Thanks!
  7. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hey I'm new here my name is Albert, and I have a couple of months with my 00 bombardier ds650...I have. A couple of things added to it, but I started to have problems with the carb I waz wondering if any one knows were I can get a bigger carb or at least a carb kit??
  8. BRP Traxter / Quest
    Has anyone tried a different carb, for the Quest 650?
  9. Can-Am DS
    Hi guys, A friend of mine bought a 2010 DS70 for his 8 year old son. While roaming the desert this weekend something happened and his son drove right into a wash that had about 4 feet of water. After he pulled it out and drained the water he tried to start it, and it started but died soon...
1-9 of 9 Results