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  1. Battery not recharging while riding-NOT loose connections-Outlander 800 V-Twin

    Can-Am Outlander
    Went riding last night with a buddy (on his Arctic Cat 650 V Twin). I had a good charge on my battery before riding. We rode about 4 mile to a gas station and stopped for fuel. I turned off the Bombardier 800 V Twin and it barely started back over, had to wait a few minutes. We rode about...
  2. Can-am Outlander 400; Weird stator voltage

    Can-Am Outlander
    2004 Can-am Outlander 400 Just bought my first "new to me" Can-am last week. put about 50 miles on so far and am now experiencing charging problems. Battery runs dead after a few hours of riding. I tested the battery voltage while the engine was running and while off with the same result, about...