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clutch slip slipping

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  1. Can-Am Maverick
    My maverick is almost what id call jumpy when I go to take off, it jerks and bucks when I take off but is fine once I'm up to 20 mph or so. It also will smoke my belts when I'm in a mud hole or going up a steep grade from take off. I know it has something to do with my clutches, bought a new...
  2. Can-Am DS
    Hi, when I let the clutch out, I move but when I give it throttle it sounds like it's spinning the tires but it's not. The engine revs up but I don't spin the tires??? Would this be caused by a slipping clutch?? Thanks alot. If it is the Clutch, where's the best place to buy one. All it has for...
1-2 of 2 Results