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dealer problems

  1. $50 to program D.E.S.S key. Dumb dealer Houston, TX

    This Just Pisses Me Off
    So this Sunday I lost my black performance key to my 2015 outlander 650 xmr so I called up the service department at the dealership where I dished out around $11,000 dollars for my brand new atv to see if they could reprogram my gray key to be like the black performance key. The head of the...
  2. 2+ months at the dealer

    Can-Am Outlander
    Well its been 2 months now that I havent seen my 1000 while it sits at the dealer. :th_smiliepissed::th_smiliepissed::th_smiliepissed: You could say my patentence level is about the exact opposite of my anger level.
  3. NEED HELP!! ON 2011 500 max xt front end noise

    Can-Am Outlander
    I own 2010 800r max xtp my son has a 650 xtp and we have owned other Can-am's like 800s and 500s. Well all said to say I talked brother into buying a Can-am, he just bought a 2011 500 max xt with power steering. The front end on the 500 makes a awful nosie when you go over rocks, when the front...