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  1. Can-Am Defender
    just wondering if anyone can help me identify what belongs in this hole on top of the transmission. I know for sure the hole doesn’t go in to the gear box itself. Only have one ride on it and noticed while cleaning. I have contacted the dealer but they’re taking their sweet time getting...
  2. Can-Am Defender
    Looking for recommendations for a GPS tracker for security NOT navigation. There have been a number of SxS's stolen in my area of the north Mississippi Delta so I'm looking for a good GPS tracker. Something low maintenance that I could hardwire and put out of sight on my HD10 and 450 Outlander.
  3. Please Introduce Yourself
    I'm 73 from Coahoma, MS. Have a 2019 Defender HD10 and 2021 450 Outlander. Retired hunter but still love to go to the hunting camp.
  4. Can-Am Defender
    I am a newer Can Am owner and I am looking to update my wheels and tires. I wanted to get some advice before making a large purchase. I am looking to get: (4) Valor V01 15x7 ATV/UTV Wheels - Gloss Black (4/137) +15mm [V01-1570P1537GB] (4) Pro Armor Pro Runner (8ply) Radial ATV Tires...
  5. Can-Am Defender
    I was riding my 2019 hd10 defender and it lost power and wouldn’t go over 20 mph and it felt like the rear diff was locked. No light on the dash temp was normal. And thoughts?
  6. Plows, Spreaders, and Impliments
    Hello All, I have a 2022 Can Am Defender. I am trying to find the best snow blower attachment. No one I have contacted seems to be able to help. Wondering if any of you have insight or have one personally to recommend. I do not want a plow. thank you! Aimee
  7. Can-Am Defender
    I have a 2016 hd10 when hot it does maybe a half a crank then shuts off . Sometimes when it does start when its hot it barley cranks over . I’ve changed the starter to see if that was the issue. It was not . Any one else have any other things to try
  8. Can-Am Defender
    Hey guys looking for some help. Ive got a 2016 can am defender hd10, my front passenger axle keeps popping out, sometimes only after 15 minutes of riding. the bike is basically bone stock, no lift, but the stock shocks are maxed ou so far I’ve looked over the suspension, as best I can anyway...
  9. Can-Am Defender
    Hello, I am looking to replace my front shocks myself. Not the most mechanical but think I can do this. Tried finding videos but not having luck. Can anyone walk me through it or have a video link? I just got the new factory shocks. I have a 2021 Can am defender max. Thanks in advance
  10. Can-Am Defender
    I have a 2020 Defender XMR. I’ve been driving it most of the day with some breaks in between. It was driving perfectly fine but I lost power. I turned it off and tried to start it again and it wouldn’t. I think my gas tank has collapsed in some, so maybe a vacuum? I checked the fuel filter and...
  11. Can-Am Defender
    New member, and new to owning a Can-am. The company I work for has a 2018 Defender Max Lonestar HD10 at their ranch, and I fell in love with it and bought one of my own. I'm being told it should arrive in January 2022, which is a PIA but gives me time to get everything tied up before it gets...
  12. Can-Am Defender
    hi, just got the new defender and I find that at 6 mph in H gear I am running 4000 rpms. Seems very high to me.
1-12 of 12 Results