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  1. Can-Am Defender
    My defender 1000 xmr has always done awesome, up until the last month or so. It was missing (loss of power and jerking) occasionally, so I done some research and found out that sometimes the exhaust and muffler can get clogged with mud and cause the back pressure to mess up. It’s been swamped...
  2. Can-Am Defender
    Just curious how many in here have a defender on order. If you could post when you got it ordered, and it will be interesting to see when they start showing up. I got a lone star cab model ordered April 19 and being told August deliver, possibly earlier if a guy is really optimistic. I cannot...
  3. ATV Tires and Wheels
    20” MSA M34 FLASH WHEELS FOR CAN-AM!! WE FINANCE TIRES AND WHEELS!! Call (912)536-6945 for more details!! WE WILL SHIP!!
  4. ATV Tires and Wheels
    ONE SET OF 30x10-14 FRONTLINE ACP TIRES FOR UTV/ATV!! WE FINANCE TIRES AND WHEELS!! We will ship to you!! Call (912)536-6945 for more details!!
  5. Can-Am Defender
    Hello, I am looking to replace my front shocks myself. Not the most mechanical but think I can do this. Tried finding videos but not having luck. Can anyone walk me through it or have a video link? I just got the new factory shocks. I have a 2021 Can am defender max. Thanks in advance
  6. Can-Am Defender
    I have about 700 miles on my defender, I use it to take the kids to the culdesac, roll down to the hunting property, do work around my property, and some light mudding with friends. I want a larger AT, however not sure what to go with, and if I need to change rims. Was looking at something like...
  7. Can-Am Defender
    New member, and new to owning a Can-am. The company I work for has a 2018 Defender Max Lonestar HD10 at their ranch, and I fell in love with it and bought one of my own. I'm being told it should arrive in January 2022, which is a PIA but gives me time to get everything tied up before it gets...
  8. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hey folks, new to the forum but not Can-Am. I was an early adopter of the Defender back in 2016. Sold it and now looking to get back in the game with another Defender (HD7) to use around our new property. My original dealership is now shuttered and wondering if anyone can provide a...
  9. Can-Am 2021 Models
    Iam new here and just purchased a 2021 Defender max hd10 and thinking of installing the apache 360 lt tracks from can am. But I can't find any information anywhere about what the final length of the unit would be. Does anyone know?
  10. Can-Am Defender
    I came across this article on Dirt Wheels Magazine and I thought I'd share it with you UTV Project: Can-Am Defender Pro Adventure Build Happy reading
  11. Can-Am Defender
    What's your experience with maximum grades for the stock Defender? Does Can-Am publish any maximum grade info? I'm running a stock HD-8 and while going straight up or straight down a 32+/- degree hill have no problems at all. I've not tried anything steeper than that and not much over 5...
  12. Can-Am Defender
    We have a 2019 can-am defender and about a year ago the voltage regulator caught on fire. Since then it hasn’t been able to get any power, turn on nothing. It sat for almost a year, we bought a new battery, VR, and relays. We switched some wires around, and finally it will turn on, but not...
  13. Can-Am 2018 Models
    Hi all . I have a 2018 can am traxter HD8 ( defender in the US) that i bought second hand back in september 2020 with 600 miles on the clock . Its been running well except that when i turn the heater on it uses up the coolant. Is this normal? It doesnt use the coolant up at all when the...
  14. Can-Am Defender
    Odd problem. 2020 Defender HD8 runs great. However, some large percentage of the time it won't start after driving. Turning the key lights up the dash but makes no attempt to start. I've found that if this happens I can physically rock the machine forward and back then I hear a slight "click"...
  15. Can-Am Defender
    In the process of rebuilding a pull behind trailer for my brothers Defender, the trailer will have all L.E.D. Lights. My question is, is there a aftermarket “plug and play “ system that can be installed on the utv. The dealership doesn’t won’t deal with it, so my guess can-am doesn’t make a...
  16. Can-Am Defender
    looking to find some extended fender flares to fit my 2018 defender max lonestar. the bike is on 32's and is a muddy mess. i ordered some off of amazon and the tires hit the front flares as they cup in towards the tire. anyone come up with a good solution?
  17. Can-Am 2019 Models
    Hey All, Looking for some help with the DPS module install on our 2019 Defender HD5 with Apache 360 tracks. Tracks were installed by dealer, but they did not install a DPS module. We’ve picked up a module and have installed it, though it’s not being recognized by the machine, (not showing star...
  18. Can-Am Defender
    Hi All, New to the forum and wanted to see if anyone else had this issue. I have a 2020 Defender limited with about 300 miles on it. Ever since ~100 miles in, I have been getting a PPS fault error at random times during casual riding around the neighborhood (all dirt\paved roads, no trails). I...
  19. Can-Am Defender
    I’m new to the Can-Am market, had two Honda ATV’s and thinking about getting into a Defender HD8 XT. Can anyone explain what the differences are between the DPS and XT? Seems to be around a $2k price difference. Is the XT worth it? Any insights regarding the HD8 would be really helpful too...
  20. Want to Sell
    Unit has 40 miles on it and I’ve been thinking of going to an Audioformz roof. Anyone interested in the sport roof? Wondering if $400 (shipping included) is fair.
1-20 of 28 Results