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  1. Can-Am XMR
    I have a 2016 XMR 1000. Went through some water. The dps stopped working and the instrument panel stopped at the same time. Fuses under drivers dash are good. Any suggestions?
  2. Can-Am XMR
    Hi everyone, this might seem stupid to some but I just want to simply get rid of issues and future problems. I keep having issues with my power steering and just don't really see the need on my 18 renegade xmr 1000. Is there a way to take out the power steering box and just put a regular...
  3. Can-Am Outlander
    Hello everybody, question; is there a way to totaly disconnect the power steering? The DPS keep disconnecting on the middle of a ride. Took it to the dealer & they quote me $1585 but they we’re not sure what was the exactly problem. I took a fuse on the back of the atv by the battery that...
  4. Can-Am Outlander
    Hi. Ive had a problem, that i didnt really feeled the difference between "low","med","high" profile. I went to dealer and he told me, that it is powering "dynamically" and not full power for the full time etc, but i was hard about it and wanted to repair it (under warranty). The warranty was...
  5. Can-Am Outlander
    Hey guys, I ride a 2021 570 Outty DPS and I’ve come to the point now where I’m needing to find some heavier shocks atleast for the front of my bike. As it sits now, I have the pre-load maxed out and still get too much sag attributing to bottoming out when taking tight corners or small jumps...
  6. Can-Am Outlander
    New here & just recently purchased my 2016 Outlander DPS 570. Looking to upgrade the high’s & low’s from the OEM halogen bulbs to some LED’s. Preferably some cheap ones from eBay or Amazon. What do you guys recommend? Bulb size Low: 55w H1 High: 60w HB3 Thanks in advance!
  7. Can-Am Defender
    17 HD8 DPS Max - Have SuperATV forward offset arms running 33" inch tires. Thinking the tires are too much for the axles because what was a grinding noise when turning is now the infamous clicking noise I've heard so much about. It's been offroading and in water a few times but I don't think the...
  8. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hello folks, For the past few years I've been very active in the Honda forums, both for ATVs and SxS. However, yesterday I purchased the very first Can-Am I have ever owned, and added it to the Southwest ORV T&E fleet, so I will now be joining your community. I had intended to purchase a BRAND...
  9. Can-Am Commander
    Hi everyone, A safety recall campaign on 2013 Can-Am Commander Side by Side vehicles with DPS is being performed by BRP. On these models, the steering coupling splines may strip on the rack and pinion. All 2013 Can-Am Commanders equipped with dynamic power steering are subject to this recall...
  10. Can-Am Outlander
    My Apache 360s were installed by the dealer and I was not shown how to remove the DPS unit. I removed a black box in the upper right corner of the fuse box and now I only have the orignal three DPS settings. Was this correct? and is there anything that is suppose to go back in this location?
  11. Can-Am Outlander
    So I'm venting here but can use some advice... I had to replace my rear differential this year because I overloaded the hitch reciever. $800 down the drain- but totally my fault for putting the aftermarket reciever on. Last weekend I finally say to hell with the rain, and haul my quad back to...
  12. Can-Am Outlander
    Hi gang, here is one desperate XXC owner with ongoing DPS issues. My DPS went down again within three weeks. It is the third time and I am getting tired of it. It always goes down after an hour or so of riding, with no apparent reason. Then, the steering gets really stiff and it remains stiff...
1-12 of 13 Results