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  1. Can-Am DS
    Hey I have an ds 450 2008 Today I go for a ride After couple puddles and water engine light start blinks ,the quad run perfect and drive good When I go to a big puddle it turned off I try 3 times to strat and it finally start Any Ideas what it means?
  2. Can-Am DS
    it had a problem starting so I though it needed a new battery. Then when I was riding it I shifted into 2nd acted like it was in neutral and the clutch wouldn't engage at all. No grinding no bullshit. It acted like your always holding the clutch in. To solve the starting problem I bought a...
  3. Can-Am DS
    Im selling my can am ds450x bike runs great, it has new itp mudlite tires back and front brand new dg front bumper and an hmf performance slip on exhaust. Bike is garage kept and very clean. Im asking $4500 but will accept reasonible offers... BIKE MUST GO ASAP!! i can email pictures, thanks
  4. Can-Am DS
    Hey, i just recently bought a 2008 ds 450. This is my first fuel injected bike. The bike fires up with starting fluid but will not run without. The fuel pump was not cutting on so i pulled the connection of that powers the fuel pump an used a volt meter to figure out that the 2nd to the bottom...
1-4 of 4 Results