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  1. In a Pickle and need help

    Can-Am / BRP
    I recently purchased a 03 ds650. It had a few issues like replacing the voltage regulator, battery, tie rods, wheel bearings, but when I went to replace the rear axle bearing housing I was quick to realize I couldn’t find one anywhere. If anyone could let me know where I could buy one I would...
  2. engine note

    Can-Am DS
    My DS650X starts, runs, doesn't stall, I did 40 mile's on it today but! I have noticed the idle hunting a bit up and down, and when listening to the engine note! It's Bump, Bump, Bump, Bump, Bump, miss Bump, Bump, Bump, Bump, Bump miss Bump, Bump, Bump, Bump, Bump it sounds like a miss...
  3. Front Shocks

    Can-Am DS
    Front shocks on DS650x had it 4 years never messed with them and now I'm wondering. I took the covers off them they look like brand new because the covers look like they have never been removed obviously there must be wear and tear. So my question is what is the screw on top of the shock for...
  4. Hardening Suspension DS650X

    Can-Am DS
    I have a DS650X that has been lowered on the shock spring to the lowest setting to lower DS for fast road i was wondering if there is a way to harden the suspension as a friend got on it and hes a fat git and it needs adjusting it was almost on floor on the skid plate. Basically I'm on the way...
  5. steering Toe in or toe out

    Can-Am DS
    DS650X steering what is it supposed to be Toe in or Toe out!
  6. CAN AM DS650 Baja x 2005 -2006 died

    Can-Am DS
    I was fitting Universal clocks to my DS650 to make it road legal and i touched the tacho wire from the universal clocks to the tacho wire on the DS650 and the quad died it was running ticking over when this happened. It turns over everything lights up but there is no spark surely i couldn't...
  7. ds650 regulator/rectifier placement

    Can-Am DS
    I have a 2002 DS 650 baja which recently the regulator failed which fried my CDI box. I purchased a new CDI box and a new regulator and the wires for the regular they sent me were much shorter than my stock regulator. I was wondering if there any alternative placements for the regulator where it...
  8. Ownership issues...

    Can-Am DS
    :sad:I'm sure this happens all the time, but I bought an ATV from a guy, and he thought all was well with the ownership and bills of sale. I got the ATV home, fixed it up, got it running, and went to get the ownership changed into my name. The owner on the ownership and the bill of sale don't...
  9. Re-Charge your shocks

    Has anyone Re-Charged / Re-Filled with standard air? I know they are Gas shocks, but what would happen if you just used air?
  10. Bombardier DS650 Wont Start

    Can-Am DS
    Whats up Guys I'm in need of some advice... I've had my Bombardier DS650 siting in storage for 5 years. :sad: I know what a Shame. Changed the Plugs, Oil / Oil Filter, put Fresh gas & crossed my fingers. No Go!!! :th_smiliepullhair: So after the bike wouldn't start, I first verified I did...
  11. Need to replace seals DS650

    Can-Am DS
    Hey guys, Its gotten to the point where i need to replace some seals, Just wondering if anyone has done it. Got an 04 DS650, Shifter oil seal leaking, Clutch cable seal leaking and waterpump seal leaking. I have no "split" an engine before, My question is, Does the engine have to be split to...
  12. DS650 runs on starting fluid but not gas?

    Can-Am DS
    Hey guys, I have a 01 DS650 that was crashed last July. I just finished putting it back together, but now it won't stay running. It will start with starter fluid, but quits after about 30 seconds. The carb is working properly, and I have sufficient spark. Any ideas? Please ask me...
  13. 2000 ds650 Starting Problems NEED HELP!!

    Can-Am DS
    hi there i have a 2000 ds650 that will not start and making a noise (clip included) bought it as a claimed top end issue which it might be. i took off the head and attempted to take off the timing chain, but even when it was loosened it wouldnt come off. i thought that this could be that the...
  14. WTB: left upper and lower a-arms for 2000 DS650

    Can-Am DS
    Like the title says, I need upper and lower left side a-arms for 2000 DS650. Let me know what you have.
  15. help with DS650- Battery/ Stator Issues

    Please Introduce Yourself
    Hi Everyone... I am new to the forum. About A month ago we purchased 2 2000 ds650's. They both have been sitting for a few years- one started up with no issues after a thorough cleaning and new battery, spark plugs, oil change, etc. The other had no spark- we replaced the CDI box- It now starts...
  16. New to the bombardier 2002 ds650 help!

    Please Introduce Yourself
    So I picked up this quad a few days ago and I have to say its the first bombardier Iv owned. I like it a lot it's the ds650 Baja. I got it cheap traded a 1988 Honda cr250 for it :th_smiliebanana2: So I figured it would be a good trade. The quad needs balljoints, and the rear swing arm has play...
  17. hello new to this forum....need help

    Please Introduce Yourself
    Hey I'm new here my name is Albert, and I have a couple of months with my 00 bombardier ds650...I have. A couple of things added to it, but I started to have problems with the carb I waz wondering if any one knows were I can get a bigger carb or at least a carb kit??
  18. DS650 Snuffing/Sputtering at low RPM

    Can-Am DS
    Hey all!! This is my first time joining a forum and am looking forward to being a member of this site, and am hoping to chat with some cool people! I live in foothills of the rockies in Alberta, and am quickly becoming an ATV enthusiast! I have learned that if you dont have one around here, you...
  19. Howdy from Alberta!! :)

    Please Introduce Yourself
    Hey all!! This is my first time joining a forum and am looking forward to being a member of this site, and am hoping to chat with some cool people! I live in foothills of the rockies in Alberta, and am quickly becoming an ATV enthusiast! I have learned that if you dont have one around here...
  20. new guy with alot of questions.?

    Can-Am DS
    What's up guys. I want to start searhing for a good quad to not only play but to, well ok....I just wanna play. I recently stumbled across a 03 bombadier baja ds650 while I have not ran it yet cause nobody was there. I would like to know 1. What's a good price for it( he clams it only has...