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  1. 2018 ds70 trouble

    Can-Am DS
    I have 2 2018 ds70s. One outruns the other by a few mph. I have owned them for a year now and just a couple months after purchasing they started running on choke. One about 1/2 the other about 3/4. The one on 3/4 choke is the one I’m starting with an id the slower one. I have cleaned the carb...
  2. DS70 no spark, hard to start

    Can-Am 2018 Models
    My kids have a 2018 DS70 with less than 15 hours on it (basically new in my opinion). I upgraded the throttle cable to a ds90 cable for more top end and it's always been lean at top RPM (backfires when letting off the throttle etc). It has always been stubborn to start And a pain to get warmed...
  3. DS70 Light Bulb Replacement LED help

    Can-Am DS
    I bought my step daughter a 2013 Can AM DS 70, which is lightly used... I was curious to see if anyone is familiar with the head light bulb and if there is a better LED replacement bulb out there. The bulb shows 12v 5 watt and is a single filament that has the flange or washer collar on it...
  4. DS70 Starting issues

    Can-Am DS
    bought a 2008 ds70 the other day and was told "it wont run or start" the guy i bought it from spent 250 bucks on a new battery, oil change, air filter, plug and diagnosis......the cycle shop said he should take it to the can am dealer 75 miles away cuz they think it has compression issues.. he...
  5. DS fully submerged in water

    Can-Am DS
    Hi guys, A friend of mine bought a 2010 DS70 for his 8 year old son. While roaming the desert this weekend something happened and his son drove right into a wash that had about 4 feet of water. After he pulled it out and drained the water he tried to start it, and it started but died soon...