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harder suspension

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  1. Can-Am 2020 Models
    I dont want to buy the 250 dollar highlifter spring spacers made for my quad, but all the other ones i have seen for a good price are for either 450 max, or 650 - 850. What can i use? Will they fit?
  2. Can-Am DS
    I have a DS650X that has been lowered on the shock spring to the lowest setting to lower DS for fast road i was wondering if there is a way to harden the suspension as a friend got on it and hes a fat git and it needs adjusting it was almost on floor on the skid plate. Basically I'm on the way...
  3. Suspension
    Hi there from Scotland Having major issues with my suspension. Front suspension keeps banging as it tops out and rear suspension is too soft and keeps grounding especially when towing or when rear rack is carrying any weight. Was wondering if the Outlander 500 shocks and springs are heavier...
1-3 of 3 Results