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highlifter outlaw

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  1. ATV Tires and Wheels
    hey guys, after owning both the outlaw and silverback might I say there are pros and cons let me share my opinion. 29.5-10-12 Highlifter Outlaw PROS: Lighter, smoother, better ride, true tire size mounted, cleans out great, Paddles you across mud. CONS: Softer rubber compound, 12 inch rim...
  2. ATV Tires and Wheels
    Is it worth getting a set of 28x9.5x12 outlaw 1? I currently have 28x10x12 silverbacks that I plan to sell. I was going to get outlaw2 28's but I keep reading bad reviews on beads breaking and cheap lugs. What does everyone think?
1-2 of 2 Results