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  1. Can-Am Outlander
    So me and my dad are buying a new fourwheeler from a very close motorcycle and ATV dealer. Almost everything in the shop was already bought, the owners just needed to come pick them up, and my dad managed to buy a 2022 Fourtrax Rancher 4X4 Automatic DCT IRS EPS around Sep 20th. The date they...
  2. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone i just joined the forum i bought my first can-am a couple weeks ago 2014 Outy XMR 1000 Camo..ive been around four wheelers my entire life but this is my first can-am so i have a lot to learn and still getting use to the power haha i still have my 2012 honda foreman on 28" backs and...
  3. RUVs / UTVs / SxS
    Selling my '12 RZR EPS LE as it is a pile of crap. More issues than an ex. Never again buying a Polaris. Put a deposit on the 500 Pioneer, using it for trial riding with my son, as it is a 50" model, and I don't need it to go really fast. Have the Outlander 1000 Max XT for that. Any thoughts...
  4. Members Rides
  5. Members Rides / How To Videos
    Yes, there is a lot, but some are pretty neat. Just thought I'd share some with everybody!
  6. Members Rides
    This video pretty much sums it up :th_smiliewoohoo:
  7. Members Rides
    Went out for a spin with some local guys, the dude on the rincon ended up doing 60 into a corner, rolling his fourwheeler 4 times, and it landing on top of him. He had a lot of bruises and cuts and ended up with a concussion, but the most important part was that he was okay! The Rincon was...
1-7 of 10 Results