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  1. Electronics
    I recently purchased 4 rock lights to install on my 850 Outlander, curious if those who have installed tapped into existing wiring/connections or created new wiring/fuse connections to battery and switch. TIA.
  2. Baja Designs
    🎇Baja Designs Open House🎇 Hey everyone, quick announcement. Baja Designs will hold an open house to celebrate 30 years of development and everyone is welcome. We will be giving a tour of our brand-new facility. Stop by and check out some of our top racers backed by Baja Designs on December 3...
  3. Can-Am Renegade
    What is everybody doing for more light on their renegades? I went on a night ride a couple weeks ago and both high beams and low beams didn’t give me enough light to keep pace with everybody else (Mostly UTVs that had tons of light bars). I am trying to keep any extra lights I put onto it fairly...
  4. Baja Designs
    Hey all, we wanted to share with you our Maverick X3 light install video, where we tackle 3 installs of our most popular light kits for this great SxS. These kits are the perfect complement to an already great platform, adding versatility, safety, and more visibility. Let us know what you think...
  5. Baja Designs
    Hey all, we wanted to share with the forum the latest from our lighting scientists! We have pushed the bar even higher, Introducing a lower priced, better performing Squadron Pro! With 20% increase distance over our previous model while keeping the same power consumption, and housed in the same...
  6. Baja Designs
    Bailey here from Baja Designs. The XL is our 4.5"x4.5" LED Auxiliary light. Our XL Series has a wide variety of different patterns and performance options. This includes the XL Sport, XL Pro, XL80, and XL Racer and start at $199.95. Don't forget! We also have XL-R Models (Round Bezel) For...
  7. Baja Designs
    Bailey here from Baja Designs. The Squadron is our 3"x3" LED Auxiliary Light that comes in a few different patterns and performance options. These start at $119.95 and come in Spot, Driving/Combo, Wide Cornering, and Work/Scene. You have three different performance options to choose from (Sport...
  8. Baja Designs
    Bailey here from Baja Designs. This thread is for our OnX6 LED Light Bars. These come in a wide variety of patterns, colors, and performance options. This includes the OnX6, Racer Edition, and Hi-Power and are even available in Arc (curved) and Dual Control options...
  9. Can-Am Outlander
    I'm looking to install a light bar on the front of my 07 outty max 800. I have done a lot of searching, but cant seem to find the answer I'm looking for.... the average 20" bar is 126W with 42 3w led bulbs, the wiring harness that come with these lights is all pre wires with a 40a relay or an...
  10. Can-Am Outlander
    I was hooking up my HIDs and now the lights wont come on. I think I blew a fuse and I nees to check them but im not sure where the fuse box for that is located. Can someone tell me where it is located?
  11. Can-Am Renegade
    So I recently ordered some new 9005 hb3 bulbs that are 12v for my renegade, I was installing them today and it seems that they won't turn on?? They fit great and snap into place just like the OEM ones and I checked my uses, they weren't blown or anything, what is causing them not to turn on?
  12. Can-Am Outlander
    Wanted to replace the reflectors on the back of my new outlander and i did some looking on the web. Found these led lights that fit perfectly in the exsisting hole. Only mod work i needed was to hole saw out the center for the base of the light to slide through. I installed the switch on the...
  13. Can-Am Outlander
    outlander 1000. I had my bright lights on and i turned them on dim and tried to turn back to high and they wouldn't come on ????
  14. Can-Am 2012 Models
    Hey guys, getting ready to go pick up my renegade 1000 really soon and had a quick question. I'm sure this may have been asked before, well this will be my first can-am so I'm not sure the bulbs that go in them. Does anyone know the bulb number? I haven't found any hid kit's for them yet and...
  15. Can-Am Outlander
    Is there a way to reset the computer, my 4x4 light won't turn off. Any other comments would be appreciated
1-15 of 16 Results