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  1. Can-Am Maverick Sport
    Have a question for any one out there that may have ran into this with this machine. I have started having Electrical issue with extreme voltage drops anywhere from 9.1v and then after a few minutes will spike to 12.8-13.5v. I have had the stator replaced twice, voltage regulator and rectifier...
  2. Can-Am Maverick
    Hi everyone I’m looking at buying a 2015 maverick and had a couple questions about the one I looked at. It made a whining noise at low speed and rpm but went away after I throttle up there was a sweet spot where the noise happens is it something to be concerned about. Also while the bike was...
  3. Can-Am Commander
    Hey guys looking for some help with my commander. Long story short it was sunk and since then I have no stark and the following codes P0523 p1120 p2620 p0122 p0222 p2621c. I believe the no spark is caused by the ops code but not certain. I have swapped ops with known working sensor along with...
  4. Can-Am Maverick
    I’m looking for some info on what might be wrong. I have 2016 Makerick Max that just locks up when you let off the fuel. It kind of acts like someone learning to drive a stick shift. I have had it worked on and still no better. Looking for something else to try. the sheeve on the primary has...
  5. Can-Am Outlander
    Good afternoon, I have a 2020 can am 650 xmr, what I’m wondering is whether or not if it’s possible with a 2020 and would I have to swap the differentials as well? Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  6. Can-Am Maverick
    Hi - Can anyone help me figure out why my 2017 maverick 1000r xc goes into limp mode when I use performance key. Works fine with normal key but when I put the performance key it runs fine for 30secs or so then check engine light and limp mode comes on. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated...
  7. Dyno Reports | Tuning Center
    Hey all, I have a 2019 Can am outlander xt 1000R and just bought a hmf Titan XL exhaust, looking at fuel tuners and there’s a maverick tuner on sale. Could I buy this tuner and put it in my outlander? Does it have the same connections since they are both can am? Any insight would help a lot, the...
  8. Can-Am Maverick
    I have a 2014 Can Am Maverick Max DPS that is having a few issues. This past weekend I burnt a belt up trying to climb a mountain of a hill. Took it back to camp, replaced the belt with a Can Am belt and now it will not go faster than 35MPH. I checked to ensure the belt was not slipping while...
  9. Members Rides / How To Videos
    Can-am's tearing it up! Had a blast until it came time to wash them! My maverick is running Sedona Mud Rebel R/T and the Outlander is running Maxxis Big Horn 2.0
  10. Can-Am Maverick
    Replacing the belt on my "new to me" Maverick. I would really like to hear peoples thoughts and opinions on what belt to get. I would appreciate any input I can get. Thanks,
  11. Can-Am Maverick
    Hey i just recently purchased a 2013 can am maverick 1000r. i took it home and it was in 4x4 i pushed the button down to disengage and put it in 2wd i heard the actuator move but still stuck in 4wd any advice please?
1-11 of 14 Results