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  1. Changing the oil on Bombardier 650DS

    Can-Am DS
    Any tips on changing the oil on this machine? Heard it’s a little rough and messy, do I need to drain the hose thats coming from the upper reservoir into the engine? Also, is the dipstick useless on this machine? Thank you!
  2. 2008 Outlander 500 Max XT roll over!

    Can-Am / BRP
    2008 Outlander 500 Max XT Just got it back from the place I bought it today and rolled it on its side this evening misjudging a turn going uphill . It only ran for 10 seconds or so but it was on its side for 3 minutes until I could get the winch cable out to the closest tree. Winched it over...
  3. How long can they run upside down or at an angle?

    Can-Am Outlander
    My 2019 850 had a little accident with a big ditch. It flipped a tiny past vertical. Maybe 105 degrees? Then I pushed it back to 75 degrees while running for 30 seconds. I tried to back out and could only move 6 inches. I shut it off while finding a truck to hook to then started the engine long...
  4. Which Oil do I get for the 2016 570 Can AM Max XT?

    Can-Am Outlander
    Hey, I'm a bit confused with what oil to get. For all season, the 2016 Manual says: Outside of US (P/N 619 590 114) Inside of US XPS 4-STROKE SYNTHETIC OIL (ALL CLIMATE) (P/N 293 600 112) Which one of those is on Can ams website lol? I don't see any part numbers...
  5. Best Oil and Lift

    Can-Am XMR
    have 850 XMR. what is the best oil to use. will 0w40 work. and do I really need the BRP oil.. the mechanic I go to said he puts Mobile 1 Syn 0w40 in it. is that good oil?? also I heard lifting a bike isn't good and causes more stress on parts. However, would a 2in lift cause any stress...
  6. Stock Shock Question

    Hey all, I've searched through the threads but did not come to a conclusive answer. Are stock shocks on a 2010 Outlander Max 800r filled with oil or gas? My driver side rear has what appears to be oil/grease all over it and the splatter pattern couldn't really have come from anywhere else...
  7. Oil Pressure Gauge

    Can-Am Outlander
    I went and picked up and oil pressure gauge from Oreillys and the fittings it came with wouldnt fit the plugs on the motor? Should i order the metric adapter set or what size and pitch are the threads to tap into oil ports on engine? This is the gauge I got. Equus 8244 - Oil Pressure Gauge |...
  8. Time sert?

    Can-Am Outlander
    I have a 2006 outlander 650, what time sert should i get, the oil drain is stripped...also what size is the stock bolt that goes in? Are they all the same for the 650,800, and 1000's?
  9. Oil filter?

    Can-Am Outlander
    What type of oil filter are you guys running and where can i get them for a fairly good price? Is this a suitable filter? Can Am Bombardier Renegade Outlander 330 400 500 650 800 1000 Oil Filter Filters | eBay
  10. Drain plug?

    Can-Am Outlander
    I have a question about my drain plug, it doesnt look like the stock one. Can someone post a picture of what it should look like and it doesnt tighten all the way, it goes in all the way but wont tighten at the end... what should i do?
  11. Need to replace seals DS650

    Can-Am DS
    Hey guys, Its gotten to the point where i need to replace some seals, Just wondering if anyone has done it. Got an 04 DS650, Shifter oil seal leaking, Clutch cable seal leaking and waterpump seal leaking. I have no "split" an engine before, My question is, Does the engine have to be split to...
  12. Antifreeze in oil!

    Can-Am Outlander
    After just installing my new radiator kit and snorkels i have now discovered antifreeze in my oil! :th_smiliepissed::th_smiliefrustrated What seal could i have blown and how do i check for this???
  13. rally 2003 Oil Light flickers

    Can-Am / BRP
    Just purchased a Rally Can-Am Bombardier 2003. Was great on test drive, got it home, rode it a little and noticed the oil light began to flicker when idleing. I checked the oil and it was overfilled. I was wondering if this is my problem or if something else could be causing it. The original...
  14. Engine oil in transmission??!!

    Can-Am Outlander
    Ive noticed my engine oil gettin low for no reason at all, come to find out it was goin to my transmission some how. I did accidently pinch my crank case vent in my airbox(just found this out this weekend). Just wonderin if I may have blew a seal out between engine and trans. I noticed my trans...
  15. Whats best to use to flush tranny, diffs?

    Can-Am Outlander
    I was thinkin marval mystery oil.
  16. Im in dire need of help!!

    Please Introduce Yourself
    I am new to the site, and I need help bad! First, my crank case breather hose spits out oil, is it supposed to do that? Also I need to know where to find a carburetor rebuild kit, and a valve cover gasket. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  17. Do you have to take the floorboards off to replace oil filter?

    Can-Am Outlander
    I didnt know if it had enough room to pull out with the floorboards on? (not at home yet)
  18. gas leaks into oil

    Can-Am Outlander
    Hello! I have a 2007 outlander 650 Can-Am STD, and having trouble with it...the problem is...gas is leaking into the oil, when i remove the dip stick to check the oil level, i smell that it is contaminated with gasoline and filling up :0headscratch:. i've changed the front cylinder head front...
  19. 05 400 Outlander Xt 4x4 grease cert?

    Can-Am Outlander
    Hello this is my first post as i just got an 05 outlander xt 4x4. After changing the differential oil, motor oil etc I decided to put a couple of pumps of grease in the grease certs of the u joints and found that a typical grease hose cant get in there..Is there some trick or special grease tool...