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  1. BRP Traxter / Quest
    I am looking for confirmation on the Primary one way clutch bearings for the 2002 can-am quest 650. The shop manual lists these OEM parts based on the diagram on page 03-11-1 Primary Clutch on the Right side OEM BALL BEARING 711632370 I don't think you need to replace these on the secondary...
  2. Can-Am Outlander
    Can anyone tell me what kind of grease your using to service your one way bearing, serviced mine, used synthetic and its still difficult to shift,maybe its time to change the oil again its a common reservoir. 300kms since last change,brp oil.
  3. Can-Am Outlander
    Going to do my spring maintenance witch includes checking and/or replacing Oneway Bearings. I'm trying to find out the best brand of bearings. I have found one bearing company, RBL Bearings. I can get these bearings locally and no need for shipping. What I like to know is, BRP wants $52.00 each...
  4. Can-Am Outlander
    Going to replace this when I do my service in a few weeks. Hope it helps some with the hard shifting. Is this the one to get? Do I need 1 or 2, see that in the reviews.
  5. Can-Am Outlander
    hi folks, im just checking on what i know about the one way bearing. i could be wrong but i thought that it is directly related to the engine brake. i lost my engine brake on my king quad and had to replace the one way bearing and it fixed it. i dont know if the can-ams are the same but when i...
  6. Can-Am / BRP
    See our web site for many products for BRP ATV'S Great prices and service. :th_smiliewavey::th_smiliewavey:
  7. Can-Am Outlander
    Shifting my outlander has been very very difficult, so today I cleaned and re-greased the one way bearing and the 2 ball bearings with the iso-flex grease. After I put the primary back together I noticed that the one way bearing is very difficult to spin. And I notice the reason for that is...
  8. Can-Am Outlander
    Well it's no wonder this thing was having trouble shifting into/between gears! What can cause this kind of mess!?!? There is no retaining clip on the oneway bearing (it's gone, don't know what happened to it). There was only one spring and part of one cup underneath the bearing (the other...
  9. Can-Am Outlander
    the RBL oneway bearing on a 2013 Outty Max XT-P 1000. I just want to make sure when I order these, that I order the right part. From everything I've read, it sounds like RBL bearings are the best way to go when replacing OEM.?.? Is that correct??? Does anyone know of a good source for...
  10. Can-Am Outlander
    I'm gonna be replacing the one way bearings as soon as I pick them up, I've done some research and not sure if I should buy OEM or AFTERMARKET. Which one?and best place to get them? It's for a 13 650 outlander max.
  11. Can-Am Outlander
    So last fall I had my quad at the dealer, 13 Outty 1000 for warranty work. Both diffs and some leaking seals. I had the XMR diff put in while it was there. Now that I'e been using it to plow snow, I noticed it is very hard to get into low. Whether from reverse, park or anywhere. It's almost as...
  12. Can-Am Outlander
    I have a 2010 outlander 400. (Was bought in 2010. I am in New Zealand so it is possibly a 2009 model.) It started 'creeping'. i.e. it would not idle in gear without starting to drive forward. I have pulled off the outer primary and tried to remove the one way bearing but it won't budge or turn...
  13. Can-Am Renegade
    2011 xxc. Went in a hole and my belt started slipping then not to long afterward I noticed that it was hard to shift. I basically had to turn it off to switch gears. After that I noticed when I tried to stop that it wouldn't just kept rolling and when I mashed the brakes it would shutter then...
1-13 of 13 Results