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one way grease

  1. Anyone ever used Mobil 28 instead of Isoflex in the Oneway ?

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    Ive read pages and pages about grease over the last few days. Many fellas fighting over grease in thier Skidoo's. From all ive gathered. Mobil 28 and Areoshell22 are the same as Isoflex but only $16 for a full grease gun sized tube. I am going to be trying some Mobil28 in my clutch soon and...
  2. Clutch grease

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    To order your isoflex, see link on main page.... Kluber Isoflex Topas NB 52 Enough to do that little chore approximatly 4 times. No need to spend alot of $$ for something that you'll never use up. From Q: Last time I looked, Kluber had a $250 min order :omg:, this is why we are doing this...