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  1. Can-Am Outlander
    Hi, I've been searching Hong forum for some info, but failed to get anything that would have guided me in right direction. Long story short, I went on trail today, some mudding, wet spots, rock crawling, got stuck few times, nothing fancy, but at some point I lost ps and got message displayed...
  2. Can-Am Outlander
    I want to put Outlander 1000 XT max shocks by elka on my XMR and go to a 28in tire. Has anyone tried this as the xmr shocks are mechanically limited which makes for horrible trail riding?
  3. Can-Am Outlander
    Hey All, so i have a 2015 Outlander 1000XT, which i love. I normally just go riding with me and the guys but sometimes i want to bring my GF as a passenger. There are a lot of options for a rear seat cargo box. I just wanted to get everyone's feed back on what they use and what they feel works...
  4. Can-Am Outlander
    I just bought a 2014 Outlander XT 1000, just wondering if i could fit a set of 30" Monster Mayhems on it without rubbing? There is no lift or anything on the machine.
  5. ATV Tires and Wheels
    i want to run the maxxis zilla i want either 27 or 28's can anyone tell me what i need to do if anything to make sure they dont rub. stock is 26'' but the 650 xmr has 28's any help would be great
  6. Can-Am Outlander
    hey guys, new to the forum, i have a friend at work whos has been talking up his can am outlanders for years. he just got a new one and is selling his 2012 outlander 1000 xt with 736 miles on it, it comes with a brand new set of 14 in wheels new in box he said he paid 500 for, he put hand...
  7. Can-Am Outlander
    First off let me say thanks to all the helpful info you guys have posted on here. This is my first post and I wanted to put some pics out to see what you guys thought about my new Outlander 1000 XT ! I just put some of Can Ams new FACTORY Snorkels and Radiator Relocate Kits on my outlander...
  8. Can-Am Outlander
    I just called and ordered my muzzy digituner from VFORCEJOHN :th_smiliethumbsup: and I was just looking for some ideas of where to put the unit. Ive seen them under the seat where the emergency tool kit was but if the seat goes under water the it will be ruined correct? So I'm thinking just...
  9. ATV Tires and Wheels
    I recently purchased a set of 27" s/w Mega Mayhem's! :th_smiliewoo: Love the look and can't beat the price and service from rockymountainatvmc! Can't wait to get some time in on these tires, I will leave a review early next week as long as I ride this weekend!
  10. Can-Am Outlander
    The 1000 is finally set up and ready to go!
  11. Can-Am Outlander
    I got the 1000 back from the dealer after close to 3 months. I am inpressed with the work done, they even did the '12 frame update for me. I just got it home and torn down, I will have the snorkels sealed up and gorilla stage 1 lift installed tomorrow. The air box is leaking right on the door...
  12. Can-Am Outlander
    Well its been 2 months now that I havent seen my 1000 while it sits at the dealer. :th_smiliepissed::th_smiliepissed::th_smiliepissed: You could say my patentence level is about the exact opposite of my anger level.
  13. ATV Tires and Wheels
    If I was to sell my OEM Wheels off of my 1000xt what would be a good asking price? They are the all black wheels including lug nuts.
  14. Can-Am Outlander
    Okay so in two to three weeks or so I will have my 1000 back from the dealer hopefully... I have the snorkel your atv kit installed on it but it is not waterproof to my knowledge. Where it is not sealing is around the rubber boot connections. Such as on the cvt exhaust right above the exhaust...
  15. Can-Am Outlander
    I need to know for sure on this so i know if I need to order a tuner or not, do I need a tuner? I am currently running snorkels, a radiator kit, a big gun slip on exhaust with a quiet core no spark arrestor and a K&N air filter. My elevation is around 600 ft above sea level in buffalo area...
  16. Can-Am Outlander
    Tomorrow is the day, I am finally getting the 1000 to the dealer for the possible blown head gasket. I will keep posted as I am given further info on the problem.
  17. Can-Am Outlander
    My fears have become reality, I am almost positive I have a blown head gasket on the poor outty 1000. :sad: Fortunately my local dealer is going to cover it under warranty even with the mods I have installed. :th_smiliewoo:Seeing how the mods I have done shouldn't effect them I dont see why they...
  18. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hey everybody! Picking up my brand new 2012 Can-Am Outlander 1000XT this morning! This is my first sport utility quad and my first Can-Am! I've been riding Sport ATV's for years now and curently have a 08 KFX450R from Factory Monster Kawasaki so it isnt no slow stocker! I was wondering if y'all...
  19. Can-Am Outlander
    outlander 1000. I had my bright lights on and i turned them on dim and tried to turn back to high and they wouldn't come on ????
  20. Can-Am 2012 Models
    Where can i find the replacement brake pads for the outlander 1000
1-20 of 21 Results