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  1. Primary clutch problems

    Can-Am Outlander
    I watched a couple videos of how to take the primary off and they made it look easy and so Right now I have the bolt half way off and the clutch isn’t coming out and I tried hitting it with a rubber mallet like a video said and it’s still stuck and then I pulled on it and it’s still stuck and...
  2. Outlander 570 Pro

    Outlander 570 Pro

  3. Can am fuel optimizer, bnib

    Want to Sell
    Hi, I have a bnib, rjwc branded Dobek performance fuel optimizer. Still under 2yr warranty
  4. Outlander Not Starting After Use!

    Can-Am Outlander
    Hey guys, I have 2014 1000 outlander xt the seems to have a starting issue only after prolonged use. After some time of driving if i shut the machine off and try to restart it, a lot of times it will try to turn over maybe once or twice but wont start. It almost sounds like the starter is not...
  5. CAN AM Outlander 570 PRO

    CAN AM Outlander 570 PRO

  6. 2016 outlander xmr 570 blows speedo/relay fuse instantly!

    Can-Am Outlander
    The other day I was riding across the pasture and my dash display went blank, power steering quit, lights all quit and the bike went into limp mode. I checked the fuses and the speedo/relay 10A fuse was blown so I replaced it but the second I turn the key on the fuse pops. I pulled the bike into...
  7. Used outlander

    Can-Am Outlander
    Hello all, I'm sure something similar to this has been posted, but I couldn't find something exactly like what I'm looking for. If there is something please redirect me. Anyways, I'm looking to get a used ATV for around $5,500, could go a little more. I've seen some 2013 - 2014 Outlander 1000...
  8. 2017 Outlander Max 570 low range issue

    Can-Am Outlander
    I just completed a CVT service on my 2017 Outlander Max 570. I cleaned the primary clutch, replaced the one way bearings, replaced the friction washer and installed a new Gates CVT belt. The CVT is much quieter now and seems to be smoother after cleaning. (it was dirty, nothing bad though) Now...
  9. Outlander 2019 second tail light for trailer

    Can-Am Outlander
    Hello guys, I used the search engine and looked at other threads - to no avail, so I'm creating a new one: I recently got a new Outlander. I like riding trails, and where I am, we are allowed to have a trailer on the ATV as long as it has a brake light (tail light). It should function the...
  10. 1000 Outlander sadly died...

    Can-Am Outlander
    I recently bought a 2012 1000 Outlander off a neighbor. Got a really "good" deal on it so I was pretty pumped. Put about 200 easy miles on it and she seized up. Shortly after I bought it it started showing PTO bearing issues... wouldn't start worth a dam once it got warm. Aaaaaanyways I've...
  11. 2008 Can-Am Outlander Max 800 Xt Shocks

    Can-Am Outlander
    Hey everyone, I recently purchased this quad and I am getting into replacing the old worn out parts. So far I have changed all the fluids and put some 27" Bear Claw HTRs on it with 1" spacers. The shocks are the next part that will need to be replaced. I am not looking into lifting it...
  12. Outlander 400 hard to pull over, doesn't start.

    Can-Am Outlander
    I picked up an 04 outlander 400 as a project for pretty cheap. It felt locked up, but i pulled spark plug out and i could pull it. Adjusted the valves and put it together again and now I can pull it over but sometimes it randomly will lock up like its under a lot of compression and I have to...
  13. New Guy Here

    Please Introduce Yourself
    Hello all, Eric here from central Texas, I run a family sea-doo dealership here in Kingsland. We use to be a can-am dealer back in the Traxter days. Still run a 2000 Traxter daily to pull boats and skis to the boat ramp. Other rigs include an 07 Outlander 500, and 16 Commander Max LTD.
  14. maverick heads

    Can-Am Outlander
    how many of you fellas are running Maverick heads on your g2 atv's? is there a good size performance gain with mav heads? issues? just looking for some general info! thanks guys:aniwheeler6:
  15. ecm reflash...etc Canada

    Can-Am Outlander
    does anyone know if any shops are doing ecm reflashes on g2 outtys up here in Canada? looking for a set of cams as well.. is Kevin Barnes from Get toqued still in business?? thanks!
  16. 2017 Can Am Flooding issue

    Can-Am Outlander
    Hey guys. New to the forum just got my first bike on Friday. It's a 2017 Can Am Outlander 570 max 2up. Went to start it yesterday and took five tries before she went and smelled flooded and ran like crap for a min then evened out. Same thing happened tonight. I'd say it was probably +2 degrees...
  17. CVT Air Filter Question

    Can-Am Outlander
    Hi everyone. I just bought a 2017 Outlander 650 Max XT yesterday (first Can AM) and the dealer recommended I put a CVT pre air filter on (and gave me the part number below), but I'm not 100% positive I have the right part. Seems like it's listed as a UTV part for the commander. If this is the...
  18. 2007 Can Am Outlander 500xt Gas Leak

    Can-Am Outlander
    Hey guys, when I try starting my outlander I get a stream of gas leaking out by a few of the fuel hoses. I wish I could upload my video of it on here, but hopefully someone can tell what's going on with the pictures I attach. The first one is of the hose dry (before I try starting it), the...
  19. 2007 Can Am Outlander Parts Question

    Can-Am Outlander
    I recently bought a 2007 Can Am Outlander 500xt and was looking over some things on it. I came across this deal.. (pictures attached). It is located kind of by the rear axle. I lifted the rubber flap and it opened right up, the piece that I am holding in the pics is what fell out. I went to the...
  20. Video: Ride Highlights 2015-May 2016

    Can-Am Outlander
    Enjoy! I'll be posting more in the coming weeks, a bit behind on my editing. Disclaimer: There's also footage from before I got my outlander :P