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  1. Can-Am Outlander
    I have a 2019 Can am outlander 650 XMR. An I was letting it idle in the driveway. All of the sudden it just died like I pulled the key off. Whenever I went to start it up again the dash flashed then nothing. When I press the start button nothing at all happens. I checked the battery, and the...
  2. Can-Am Outlander
    I have an outlander 330 4wd that starts up and runs great for about 10 seconds and then just shuts down. After about 15 minutes it'll start back up again and do the same thing. Ive replaced carb and fuel pump. Can any of you please give me advice as to what the problem could be? I'm not a...
  3. Can-Am XMR
    2022 outlander xmr 1000. 30 miles on it. light riding for "break in". yesterday was stopping to turn around and it died on me. after some trouble shooting found that the inj fuse blew. 10A fuse. anyone else had this occur. just kind of weird for one to blow this early.
  4. Can-Am XMR
    I was running my 2021 570 XMR yesterday and I ran into a speed limiter. It currently tops out at 48 mph. Anyone know a way I can get past that??
  5. Can-Am Outlander
    I hopped on my beloved 2021 outlander 850xt this morning with my 5-year old. I pushed the bike out of the garage and started it up, let it run for about a miniute, then shifted it into high. The throttle control was set to work mode, we had a half mile ride down the road to the trails, and i...
  6. Can-Am Outlander
    Has anyone got the spring kit (sku 715005159) when you click on it, it said "heavy duty spring lift kit" just wondering if anyone did it? How much lift did you get? Is this just HD springs? How stiff? Can you do this and pipe lift together?
  7. Want to Sell
    2013-2014 outlander 400 speedometer cluster (can be retrofitted to other years with a pin location change if it is an efi model). New in box, bought thinking I could retrofit into a 2007 but couldn’t due to it being non-efi. $250 shipped and insured. Sells for 300+shipping/tax, just trying to...
    $250 USD
  8. Can-Am Outlander
    The base model 2022 Can Am Outlanders clearance is 10.5". The MR is 11.7". Are the frame and the engine the same or is there something different? I would like to make an upgrade in tires, and am not knowledge able enough to install a gear reduction myself. Im wondering if I can upgrade to a...
  9. Can-Am Outlander
    My buddy is having battery issues, he has a 2021 570 xt and I have a 2022 570 base. Do we have the same battery? If not what battery do they use in the stock models?
  10. Can-Am Outlander
    Does anyone have a link to a part number for the radiator relocation clamps that are provided with the can am outlander relocation clips. The shop I took mine too said they were to small (Broke one while installing it) and I really want to get the proper hardware installed.
  11. Can-Am Outlander
    I had my 2022 in the shop to install a rad relocate and a few misc items. When I drove my truck into my bed I realized a fluid on the tailgate. Thinking it was water I drove home. It’s not water when I messaged the dealership they said they had spilled coolant and think some was possibly in the...
  12. Can-Am Outlander
    What is the deepest I can go in a can am outlander 570? I believe all of the intakes are under the pod beneath the handle bars? I do not have it snorkled but wanted to make sure I was not missing an intake. Thank you.
  13. Can-Am Outlander
    ordered aftermarket MSA wheels, the fitment and spacing is correct but the stock lug nuts for the outlander barely fit in the new wheels 'hole'. was wondering if anyone on here ran into this problem and what the solution was, is there a kit that i can purchase where with skinnier lugs that...
  14. Can-Am Outlander
    I have a 2022 570 outlander. I am thinking about buying the can am radiator relocation kit and having my local dealer install. However, when reviewing the parts I noticed that they have two snorkel options available, one for XMR one for Non. Is a snorkel still needed for the non XMR. I do not...
  15. Can-Am Outlander
    NEW 2022 Can-Am Outlander 850XT or XTP? Break down, review and comparisons
  16. Can-Am Outlander
    So on my stock Can Am outlander 570, the wheel size is 12", and the stock tires are 25x8x12 Front and 25x10x12 Rear. Is the wheel size of the front the same width as the back? As in if i bought new tires and had them both (Front and Back) be 25x10x12 would they fit the front wheel?
  17. Can-Am 2016 Models
    Have an Outlander 450 that the 4x4 isn’t working on. When I turn the key with bike off I can hear the actuator engaging and disengage no problem, however it’s not actually switching in and out of 4x4.So I’ve checked the switch and cleaned it that’s good, I’ve swapped around relays, headlights...
  18. Can-Am Outlander
    What is the most reliable engine for the Outlander ? (650, 850, 1000r)
  19. Can-Am Outlander
    I ordered rear u joints for my 2006 Outlander 800xt thinking that they were bad because the rear end was clunking and shaking. After further inspection I’ve discovered that the yoke bolt going into the gear box output was loose. I’ve taken my driveshaft out and found that while the u joints...
  20. Can-Am Outlander
    I have a 2022 can am and I have been cleaning it since I took it out this weekend. I used the "Green Stuff" and all purpose cleaner and washed off my atv with a hose. Everything is running fine, however, there seems to be steam coming from the radiator? Im letting it warm up because its 40...
1-20 of 305 Results