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  1. Can-Am Outlander
    Hey all, Hope you all have been well, i was curious if anyone knew what the kit would be called that fits the area in the attached picture. It looks like lights might go there on a different trim model. I have a outlander 650 max dps. Been searching all over but haven’t found anything...
  2. Can-Am Outlander
    Hey everyone, A few months ago I had purchased a new 650xt I have about 230 miles total on it now. Around 150 I added a dual empire exhaust and bom racing tuner. The bike ran great all summer and fall. But recently had developed a bad cold starting issue, the bike will have to crank over several...
  3. Can-Am Outlander
    Hi,anyone made there own raised radiator conversion? Im going to give it ago and save myself a few bucks. By the looks of it its just a mater of making a few brackets,buying some long lenghts of radiator hose from my local car accessory shop and extending the fan and sensor wires. Just...
1-3 of 3 Results