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  1. ATV Tires and Wheels
    I have read many forums and cant find the answer i am looking for. I am looking to clear 31x9.5x14 outlaws skinnys on my gen 2 2013 canam renegade. I have measured and should have around 3/8" clearance between rear fender with some trimming. Is 3/8" really enough room for the tires to clean out...
  2. ATV Tires and Wheels
    What tires would you guys recommend for my 2013 Canam Renegade 500? I have a few picked out but need to get it narrowed down. I need a tire that is going to give me some confidence going into a deep hole or a thick patch. The tires will be going onto a set of 14x7 MSA M12 Diesel's. I will also...
  3. ATV Tires and Wheels
    After having ITP mudlites(28s), Silverbacks(28s) and XTR(27s) on previous atvs. I've decided to try something different. The xtr were awesome on my kawi but their expensive! Anyway I told myself I'd keep it tame on my 1000... No more silverback type tires haha. Only reason for me posting this...
  4. Rides and Events
    Going to Hatfield May 29, 30, & 31. Anybody going to be down there the same time that could show us some of the Outlaw Trails? It would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hi there, New to the forum and I'm loving it over that "other" forum. I've had my 2012 Camo Outty 1k XT for almost 2 years now(June 2012) and aside from a couple trips being towed home due to belt issues and some other repairs, I'm in love with this gnarly machine. I like to think I use my...
  6. ATV Tires and Wheels
    Planned on getting Outlaw 2s but everywhere I look is back ordered or ridiculous shipping.. Anybody know where to get them around Western New York?
  7. Rides and Events
    Going to ride Indian Ridge, Pinnacle Creek, and Pocohantas the first weekend in May. Any advice would be greatly appriciated. Must ride trails, places to go, etc... Also some info on the outlaw trails would be great. If anybody is going to be down there the same time that could show us a few...
  8. ATV Tires and Wheels
    Hi im new to the forum and im not sure if this a old thread or not but my question is Outlaws or Silverbacks?? Im looking at either 29.5x10x12 outlaws all the way around or 28x10x12 all the way around. I have an outty 800 and where would the cheapest place be to purchase them?? I do not need...
  9. ATV Tires and Wheels
    I am looking for the cheapest place on the internet to buy a set of highlifter outlaw tires. I have owned a set of 29.5's in the past and they are a great tire. A buddy of mine is looking to buy a set and he is looking for the cheapest price without going used. In addition I personally am...
  10. ATV Tires and Wheels
    Anyone know what the biggest size outlaw will fit on a outty that doest have any type of lift kit?
1-11 of 11 Results