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  1. Typical noise or major knock?

    Can-Am Outlander
    Just bought an 06 outlander 800 guy said itd been sitting for about 2 years, did a tune up using can am oem recommended and started it up and it's knocking but using a stethoscope it sounds like its coming from the bottom of the rear cylinder right under the spark plug, ive done the research Of...
  2. 650 trail buck knocking issue

    BRP Traxter / Quest
    A friend of mine has a 2006 650 trailbuck EXT with 5888 miles that the engine started knocking on so I told him I would take a look at it. From everything I have read on it, it is the same as a 650 Quest XT. I started tearing it apart and found that the crankshaft bearing/insert where the rod...
  3. Replacement Piston and Rings

    BRP Traxter / Quest
    Does anyone know where I can get an aftermarket stock sized piston and rings. I have a 2000 Traxter 500 and I chipped the piston trying to dig out the rings that were siezed into the groove. The factory wants $150+ for a replacement and I cant find any aftermarket ones out there. Even a used...
  4. Mud in Engine Bent Connecting rod, Is it worth $3,500

    Can-Am Renegade
    Mud in Engine Bent Connecting rod, Is it worth $3,500? Hey guys, Im new to this forum so sorry if Ive made any mistakes. So im looking for a cheap 4 wheeler and I came across a 2008 renegade 500, its snorkelled with an HMF exhaust and a clutch kit. As for the bad news it went through a mud pit...
  5. Ds650 big bore

    Can-Am DS
    i was wondering about a big bore for a few weeks now i know of the 720 sleeved garbage kit but does anyone know about the 730? does the 730's 105.5 piston make the bore size unreliable ? and did anyone ever use just the 105mm for je instead of the 105.5.. i dont wanna bore to large and crack the...