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  1. Dobeck AFR+

    Can-Am Outlander
    Been doing some research and I think I am going to pull the trigger and purchase the Dobeck AFR+ for my 850 Outlander Max. Main reason is I am upgrading the exhaust (like the LTE the best from what I have seen). I know there are other posts about this topic but I haven't seen any one give a...
  2. Back to stock exhaust.

    Can-Am XMR
    Hi all, I have a looney tuned exhaust with a power commander 5 tuner on it. I am just wondering if I put my stock exhaust back on for hunting season and leave the tuner installed if it will harm anything? Thanks. Also what happened to the search function? When I search for anything I get...
  3. Power Commander FC (Fuel Controller) GEN 1 800r

    Can-Am Outlander
    Just pulled the trigger on a PCFC for my 2011 800r Outlander that I will be running with the mods in my signature. I planned on going the Dobeck blinky box route originally but for the same price, the PCFC seemed like the best bang for my buck. A few CMR racing buddies of mine steered me in this...
  4. Fuel Optimizer '09 fit 2010 model?

    Can-Am 2010 Models
    I'm trying to buy a fuel optimizer for a 2010 Outlander 800. The book I have only goes to a 2009. Will the 09 optimizer fit the 2010 model? Any feedback would be appreciated. PS...would I come out better by just buying a power commander?
  5. Power commander help!!!!!!!!

    Can-Am Outlander
    First and foremost hello to everyone in the forum. My name is david and i am new here. My question is this... I just bought a PC III USB for my 2006 outlander xt 650. My setup is a K&N air filter with prefilter and a snorkel kit. thats about all ive done to it Ive got 3 tubes on my snorkel. one...
  6. Tuning a pc3

    Can-Am Outlander
    Hey guys, I have an 06 outy 650 it has a K&N filter, a slip on HMF penland exhaust. i just bought an A/F guage and a Power Commander 3 i have everything installed i was wondering if anyone has any advise on how to tune my PC. i dont want to take it to a place with a dyno because they...
  7. Pick Your Brains

    Can-Am Outlander
    So I recently purchased a 2010 outlander 800 XT, I put 28" Zillas on black 212's before it left the door. I have 9 hours on it. Absolutely love it........but...... I have a buddy with the Polaris 850 XP that wants to race, I must ensure I win....haha..... So I am hoping someone can help me...
  8. Tuning my 08 Outlander 650

    Can-Am Outlander
    I live in Middle Tennessee area and am looking for someone that can tune and re map my fuel for my 08 outlander 650. I have added a slip on exhaust and dual stage air filter. I would like to try to get the most power out of my machine and have someone tune mine who knows what they are doing. I...
  9. Outlander EFI Tuning in TN

    Dyno Reports | Tuning Center
    Does anyone know anybody that can correctly tune a power programmer or re map the fuel of an 2008 efi Oulander 650 in Tennessee? I have a slip on exhaust and aftermarket air filter recently added and would like to get the most out of my machine, make it more powerful, and protect it from any...
  10. Power commander 5 now available for 09 renes and 09 outtys

    Can-Am / BRP
    Have not seen anyone post here that the power commander 5 is now available and shipping with the auto tune for 09 rene and 09 outty. $359 PC 250 AT.I know we thought it was going to be next year some time, but apparently the wait is over.