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  1. 2016 Outlander 450 L (loss power and low rpm)

    Can-Am Outlander
    My outlander started to backfire a couple of months ago. I assumed it was a air/fuel ratio so replaced the fuel injector, Spark plug, air filter, and map T sensor. Took it to the dealer They replaced the fuel pump still the same problem. When running it has no power until you get full throttle...
  2. BRP 650 Traxter Start Problems

    BRP Traxter / Quest
    I have a 2005 Traxter 650, and for the first time ever, I am having starting problems, and was wondering where to start trouble shooting. Lights work (on key switch), battery is fully charged and functional, battery terminals are clean and corrosion free, winch works, and all other electrical...
  3. 2015 xmr 800 brand new

    Please Introduce Yourself
    anyone else having fron shock issues with their 2015 xmr 800s ? i have less than 500 km and i already blew out two shocks on the front at serpeate times im thinking it has to do with the large weight increase on the front end ?? dealership warrantied them but still kinda a pain :aniwheeler6:
  4. Please help!

    Can-Am Outlander
    I have a 06 can am outlander 800XT with around 1700 miles, when I bought it I rode it for a hour or so to make.sure it is what I wanted, I noticed when I started it once it was on half a tank then fuel light came on, well I ended up buying it, got it home and 15 minutes of riding the hi engine...
  5. Secondary clutch bolt broke

    Can-Am Outlander
    2006 800 xt, I was riding yesterday at around 40mph when my secondary clutch punched a hole in my CVT cover. I got it home took the cover off and discovered that my secondary clutch bolt had broken off about an inch up the threads. I was able to successfully remove the piece of bolt. I searched...
  6. help please

    Can-Am Outlander
    I have a 09 650 outlander. It is slow revving with slow throttle response in idle and when in gear in has a slow reaction time and take off till it hits higher rpms. Does anybody now what could be causing this could it be anything to do the the cvt. Or could the fuel tunner be messing up?
  7. 07 grade headlight problems

    Can-Am Renegade
    I just bought a 2007 can-am renegade 800and was wondering if you guys could help. When I bought it I checked if the lights worked,they did only on low and they are very very dim. The problem is that the guy that I bought it from said that the bulb on high beams kept going bad so he didn't...
  8. 2013 outlander 1000 engine losing power

    Can-Am Outlander
    Hi, I just wanted to see if anyone has heard of or had this problem with their outlander 1000 before. Just to give you a fast rundown on the bike. I just bought it about a week ago it was used as a demo and only has 11 hours and about 100 miles on it. I'm getting ready to do a custom build with...
  9. anyone else have this problem with their gade?

    Can-Am Renegade
    so i went ride this weekend in colfax LA. i went in some pretty deep water and only once did it go over the airbox and thats just from the waves but i got some 27" laws and i havent had them very long but i tried a top speed on the gravel road today and it only got up to 60. i did the top speed...
  10. 2004 outlander 400XT 4X4 fuel problems

    Can-Am Outlander
    Hi Guys, just bought a 2004 outty 400XT. Drove 1.7 miles after purchase and it died. couldn't get it started again. No fuel. Looked like it was picking up air through the tank. Bought new tank grommets and filters, new fuel valve and replaced all fuel lines. Now it is not pulling air from tank...
  11. Winch problems with 2012 Renegade 1000

    Can-Am Renegade
    Oh boy am I frustrated! I got the moose plow kit and after removing the plastic skid plate, was able to mount and get that going on my 2012 Renegade 1000 (non-xxc). Took 3 hours to install, mount, etc. Then bought the KFI G2 renegade mount bracket and a KFI S2000 winch. Bracket worked fine...
  12. BELT IS SQUEALING ON TAKE OFF!!!! Please help

    Can-Am Outlander
    About to rip my my hair out!!! My belt squeals horribly when i take off, it sounds exactly what it would sound like if the belt was slightly wet but it is completely dry. PLEASE HELP
  13. Outlander 400xt problems?

    Can-Am Outlander
    Hi i have a 2009 can am outlander 400xt efi. Ive had a couple problems with it one is the gauge pod has been replaced. Is that common? The other is the main seal that comes out of the engine by the recoil started leaking. Are these common problems? I really love the machine otherwise. Thank...
  14. Renegade 500 problems

    Can-Am Renegade
    Going out for a ride this weekend and I came across some problems .. I noticed that my rear diff was leaking, like both of the seals went bad.. is that normal? Also when I got above speeds of about 50 MPH my RPM's would bog down to only about 6600 what would cause that? I noticed my air filter...
  15. Problems With the Outlander

    Can-Am Outlander
    :sad::th_smiliepullhair:Hey guys, My 2009 Outlander is having a few problems !! symptoms are when driving along engine light came on and said low oil, it then went into limp home mode, when i got it home (500 metres away) i let it cool down for 5 hours then checked the oil which was full!!! i...
  16. New can am outlander owner

    Please Introduce Yourself
    Hello gang! I am from Meridian, Idaho and as of 2 weeks ago own a new 2011 outlander 800. I am having some trouble already with only 30 miles on it. :( I am an avid archery hunter/outdoor enthusiast. I am excited to join in the forums and hope to figure out some of the ins and outs of this...
  17. Problems with my 2009 650 Outlander

    Can-Am Outlander
    Hey everyone, I have been having a tonne of problems with my Outlander/Bombardier Dealer, and its starting to make me regret buying it even though I love the power and features it has. I will list them off and explain what happened/how it was fixed... 1. Right from day one the transmission...