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rear axle
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  1. Can-Am / BRP
    2011 commander 1000. Was on a 6 hour ride. Driving on pavement going home when I heard and felt and heard a pop. Now the right rear bounces like it has a bad cv. Cv does not have any slack that I’ve noticed. Thought maybe it was a baring in the diff but they look alright. Any suggestions ??
  2. Can-Am Outlander
    I just bought my first Can-am, used, and am currently going through it to identify any issues I need to address. Based on how dirty the entire machine is under the plastic, I don't know if it has ever been take off and cleaned or even looked over. I immediately noticed this issue with the rear...
  3. Can-Am Renegade
    well i put a highlifter 2'' lift on my bike a couple months ago and the first day i had it on about. 5 mins after we were finished i broke it riding a wheelie because we didnt put the spacer that came with the lift. so after that i bought a highlifter outlaw axle and put the spacer and...
1-3 of 3 Results