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  1. Can-Am Outlander
    I have a 2014 can am outlander. I am looking at getting the ECU flashed and some kind of tune. My question is will I notice a difference and is it even worth doing being mine is the 650 and not a 850 or 1000. I do already have a full HMF exhaust and the 4 wheeler has good power but just wanting...
  2. Can-Am 2020 Models
    Hi everyone, does anyone know where i can get this bumper?
  3. Want to Sell
    I made a custom bumper and added a trailer hitch so don’t need these. The front bumper is bruised (Circled in the pic) and slightly twisted, but functional, also included are the front bumper mounts. rear bumper/bracket $10 + shipping from zip 45365 front bumper and brackets $60 + shipping from...
  4. Can-Am Renegade
    Looking at running 28 inch outlaw 2s on my 2009 renegade 500. Is a clutch kit necessary? And are aftermarket floorboards necessary? Thanks!
  5. Can-Am / BRP
    So I'm buying a 2021 outlander 570 xmr and a renegade 570 xmr in south florida. Just curious why there's such a price difference between the 2 bikes. The outlander is listed at $8,799 and the renegade is listed at $11,299. I'm buying them both regardless. Any input would be great, Thanks!
  6. Can-Am / BRP
    Hello Before month ago i heared a ticks from the engine. I replaced the timing chains with new guides and i did valves adjustment, one of the exhaust valves was loose. But after 2 days the ticks backs. I"m attaching a video to hear the ticks maybe someone will recognize those ticks. The ticks...
  7. Can-Am Renegade
    Hello There were ticks in the engine I changed timing+guides and did valves adjustment but the ticks remained. When the engine is cold there are no ticks. When it starts to heat up i start to hear, and when the fan starts working the ticks disappear. I hear them only when the engine is at...
  8. Can-Am Renegade
    Hi, I recently bought a 800r xxc model 2010. I live in Africa and we don't have any Can am dealers. My issue is the EPS is faulty and doesn't work. Now if I have to buy a new one and ship it over here, I am told I would need a can am program and the wires, which are impossible to get and very...
  9. Can-Am Renegade
    I have a 2019 renegade 570 base with a snorkel, k&n air filter, yoshi slip on exhaust, 27" tires, and i got the ejk fuel tuner. Just wondering what I should set all the settings to on the tuner?
  10. Can-Am Renegade
    drive shaft won't slide in the transmission
  11. Can-Am Renegade
    What weight fluid does the differentials on a 2015 Renegade take in the front and rear. I don't have my owners manual cause my bike was used.
  12. Can-Am Renegade
    Bought a renegade 2020 570 new (due to the closest 1000 being in Chattanooga and I’m in Florida due to the corona and protests stopping production at the factory). I’m taking the bike apart from new and swapping a 1000 into it. Anything I should look for as far as installation goes? I know the...
  13. Can-Am / BRP
    Was riding and as i accelerated from a stop, something let go and I have no more rear drive. I rode the quad home in 4x4 only the front drivetrain works! My question is problem would be in gearbox or in motor, if the fwd still works driveshaft and rear diff are solid!
  14. Can-Am Renegade
    Hey guys, just rebuilt my engine. 975bbk that was in before but spun rod bearing. Did a full rebuild, got it together. Same starter and battery. It will not roll over fast enough to even try to start. Backfired once out of intake but I think at that time I may have had my pcv wires backwards for...
  15. Can-Am Renegade
    New to the forums here so sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong place. First off I am pretty new to can am’s as I normally mess with polaris and honda. I have a 2011 can am renegade 800 i’m working on trying to “unsink” for someone. did pretty much the basics to start off, pulled the spark...
  16. Can-Am / BRP
    so im a little confused when i search on google for lift kits for a 2017 850 renegade only lift kits i see go up to 2016 850 for "fitment" do 2016 850 and 2017 850 have the same compatibility with after market products because i cant find much for 2017 850 for any aftermarket accessory besides...
  17. Can-Am XMR
    I have a 2016 renegade 1000r xmr and I put a 2019 1000r out of a outlander xmr into my chassis, and all it does it backfire and wont start seems like timing is off but never touched anything other then swapping engines. is there is something special I have to do?
  18. Can-Am Outlander
    i have a 2004 can am outlander 400 high output and it needs a front right axle and i have a parts bike which is a 2006 outlander 400 xt will it work???
  19. Can-Am Outlander
    So I have a sweet outlander and a ragged out renegade both gen 1 will my 4” lift off the renegade carry over to my outlander?
  20. Can-Am 2018 Models
    Does anybody know what the decibel level of the stock exhaust of a 2018 CanAm Renegade 570 exhaust is. My husband’s trying to find out for some reason. Thanks in advance.