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  1. The New Guy

    Please Introduce Yourself
    New here and new to outtys just got an 06 400 with issues. Timing counter weight was sheared clean off dont ask cuz i have no clue but other than causing it to spit the timing chain all else seems well, is this a common thing? Also the boots on the front drive (not half) shaft are shot but can...
  2. 2000 DS650 Manual

    Can-Am DS
    I am in desperate need of a service manual for my wheeler... i purchased it last week and the engine is makeing a knocking noise and the oil had a few metal flakes in it when changed... please please please help me out i cant find this thing anywhere
  3. Slow service for Can Am warranty work?

    Can-Am / BRP
    I bought my 1st Can Am last year, a Outlander 4x4. I didn't get to ride much, as I messed up my back and was off work for a while. I have a total of 26 miles on it and 12 1/2 hours on it. I went to take to my dad's house for him to use for snow plowing. I noticed a large oil leak and also the...