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  1. Can-Am Commander
    Hey Guys! I have searched high and low - any idea where I can go to replace the plexiglass skylight within the roof of my Cam Am Commander Max Limited 1000? Guessing the plastic rivets gave way while I was trailering it.
  2. Can-Am Renegade
    Well, my driveshaft seal on the front of the engine is leaking out oil, got the new seal, just wondering how hard of a job this is, some people say you have to pull the whole engine, It's a 2012 renegade 1000xxx, only 700 miles... I've always had problems with seals and It's pretty annoying...
  3. Can-Am Outlander
    2010 Outlander 650XTP. I need to replace my handle bar, but shopatron thingy said there out of stock! The part number for my model is #709400292. According to some other posts, the 2011 #709400877 would work, but those are out of stock too! what the hell! So anybody with a 2008-2012 can't get a...
  4. Can-Am Renegade
    Well after about 1,800 miles one of my bearings went bad on my renegade, took it up to the dealer and they said it would be a $450 total for the replacement + labor!!! I asked him what I need to do if I'm going to do it myself, and they showed me this special tool I'd use that I have never seen...
  5. Can-Am Outlander
    I am looking for an additive or coolant replacement that will help dissipate heat and shave a few degrees off of the temp of my new 2012 650 MAX XT. rocky mountain atv has some here : Dirt Bike | ATV Anti Freeze | Coolant | Rocky Mountain ATV/MC I tried water wetter in my old AC 650 V2, but...
1-5 of 5 Results