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  1. Can-Am 2018 Models
    Was out in bad conditions yesterday and slipped and rolled my quad, starts and drives alright but won’t go over 45 mph. Could anyone help?
  2. Can-Am / BRP
    2008 Outlander 500 Max XT Just got it back from the place I bought it today and rolled it on its side this evening misjudging a turn going uphill . It only ran for 10 seconds or so but it was on its side for 3 minutes until I could get the winch cable out to the closest tree. Winched it over...
  3. Members Rides
    Went out for a spin with some local guys, the dude on the rincon ended up doing 60 into a corner, rolling his fourwheeler 4 times, and it landing on top of him. He had a lot of bruises and cuts and ended up with a concussion, but the most important part was that he was okay! The Rincon was...
1-3 of 3 Results