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  1. Skid plates

    Can-Am Outlander
    Hey guys im about to buy skid plates... What brands are the best? Im looking at the riochet skids... Also, i gunna sell my stock wheels... What do you guys think is a reasonable price? I go about 500 miles, and 50 hours on em... I was think about 300... They are the xt package wheels and are in...
  2. Need advice on sales price

    BRP Traxter / Quest
    I have a 2004 Traxter XT, the engine and clutch are good. The frame is good and it has a winch. The seat body is good, but the vinyl is torn. Unfortunately, the MPEM (electronic module) fried. I cannot afford the part new and I have to sell it. What is a good price to ask for it? I am not...
  3. Band new hmf swamp series for sale (nib)

    Can-Am Renegade
    I got a new in box HFM swamp series slip on exhaust that will fit all renegade 800 for sale. I purchased this exhaust about 2 months ago and it was back ordered from my local ATV shop. During the wait period, I got a deal on a FMF powerline, so I'm now up one pipe too many. My loss, your gain...