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  1. Front Shocks

    Can-Am DS
    Front shocks on DS650x had it 4 years never messed with them and now I'm wondering. I took the covers off them they look like brand new because the covers look like they have never been removed obviously there must be wear and tear. So my question is what is the screw on top of the shock for...
  2. Seized adjustment for Preload on Outlander Max 570 Suspension

    Can-Am Outlander
    I'm trying to turn the adjustment height on the preload for my low end/factory shocks but I cannot for the life of me turn them. I've tried putting some penetrating lubricant on the area and jacking up the quad. Is this a common thing? How do other people get them to unseize? They are set to...
  3. Can am Xmr 800/850/1000 shocks

    Can-Am Outlander
    What year did can am xmr stop having acs shocks? I see for 2018 they have fox podium 1.5/qs3 shocks for the 850/1000, I’m assuming those are not air shocks? I looked on the fox website at specs for the specific shocks and could find anything really. I know might be silly questions but I keep...
  4. 2008 Can-Am Outlander Max 800 Xt Shocks

    Can-Am Outlander
    Hey everyone, I recently purchased this quad and I am getting into replacing the old worn out parts. So far I have changed all the fluids and put some 27" Bear Claw HTRs on it with 1" spacers. The shocks are the next part that will need to be replaced. I am not looking into lifting it...
  5. 2013 XMR shock fox float shock problem

    Can-Am XMR
    Okay I need some help here please.... I have a 2013 XMR 1000 with fox float air shocks. Back shocks work fine - go up & down all the way. My problem is with the front shocks going up only about 1/2 inch from level 1 to level 6. If I switch from level 1 to level 6 the compressor will run, fill up...
  6. 2008 Outlander 400 Suspension upgrade

    I purchased a used 2008 Outlander 400 for my wife last year. I noticed the suspension was pretty soft and sags significantly in the rear. I tried to adjust the rear shocks and couldn't get it to budge, even with the rear jacked off the ground. I wanted to upgrade the shocks on my 2007...
  7. Replacement Shocks for 2008 Outy 400

    Can-Am Outlander
    I purchased a used 2008 Outlander 400 for my wife last year. I noticed the suspension was pretty soft and sags significantly in the rear. I tried to adjust the rear shocks and couldn't get it to budge, even with the rear jacked off the ground. I wanted to upgrade the shocks on my 2007...
  8. Gen 2 outlander shocks need help

    I have a 2013 outlander 650 xt and the front shocks are blown out. Not looking to spend to much. I'm looking for a decent affordable replacement or am I better off going stock? Any help is appreciated.
  9. Shock Covers

    Can-Am Outlander
    I bought the brp shock covers for my outlander and after a couple of rides one of them ripped. Soon after another one ripped. Does anyone know of a good shock cover for stock outlander shocks?
  10. 2015 xmr 800 shock issues?

    Can-Am Outlander
    anyone else expierencing the front shocks blowing out on the new 2015 xmr 800 or am i just riding too hard? theses are not the air shocks for anyone wondering just the regular shocks wondering if it has anything to with all the added weight, with what look to be the same shocks as the stock...
  11. 2015 xmr 800 brand new

    Please Introduce Yourself
    anyone else having fron shock issues with their 2015 xmr 800s ? i have less than 500 km and i already blew out two shocks on the front at serpeate times im thinking it has to do with the large weight increase on the front end ?? dealership warrantied them but still kinda a pain :aniwheeler6:
  12. Difference between 2010 and 2011 OEM Shocks

    Goofed up the other day and broke the tabs off the right front shock while trying to adjust the springs:th_smiliepissed:. There's a right front shock in the classifieds off a 2011 Renegade 800R and I am wondering if it will fit my 2010 just to get me by until I upgrade all four shocks. I also...
  13. front shocks problem

    Can-Am Outlander
    I have had my 2014 outlander 650xt now for about 6 month and 1000 miles. have had to replace both the front shocks after the shaft inside blew the top of the shock off. The dealer replaced the shock no problem but how often am i going to have to replace them and is there any other shocks that i...
  14. Elka 2

    Looking for opinion on spring rates on Elkas. I recently lucked upon a great deal from a friend I met on here for a set of used Elka 2 +r. The only thing is. I have to change the main springs. I emailed ELKA and they got back to me quickly asking for the serial numbers so they can look up the...
  15. Fox Podium problem

    Can-Am Outlander
    I recently put Fox Podiums on my outty 800xt. When I was riding Saturday I came down from a wheelie on blacktop and the front left shock stayed compressed about 3/4 down. I didn't slam the front end or anything out of the ordinary. I picked the machine up and had a buddy stand on the tire and...
  16. Re-Charge your shocks

    Has anyone Re-Charged / Re-Filled with standard air? I know they are Gas shocks, but what would happen if you just used air?
  17. '06 Outlander - XC Prep-work

    Can-Am Outlander
    Need some links to help my Outlander build... I am looking for an XC racing bumper for my '06 Outlander. Right now, I have just the stock and really need something a bit more beefy! Any thoughts or links that might help would be great. My next step will be to work on the shocks. Can...
  18. Blown Front Shock

    I have a 2012 outlander 1000xt with 700 miles on it, I added 2in pipe spacers in all four corners, and have the factory preloads turned all the way down. The other day I was out checking fields and blew the front shock (the top let go and the guts came out). The other front shock is also bad...
  19. Fox Shocks or Spacers

    Just curious to see if anybody has tried both and if there is a significant difference between the Fox Podiums and the Ruberdown Custom Spacers. I am sure the fox shocks would be better, but how much? I am trying to justify the cost of the shocks. I have the spacers now and if the ride is not...
  20. 2010 Rene XXC Front shock rebuild?

    Can-Am Renegade
    I have a leaking shock on the front (right) of my 2010 XXC. I don't know a lot of history on the machine but nothing looks bent or broken on it. Its leaking around the rod or piston enough to drip or puddle on the floor. I heard they can be rebuilt and then recharged some were? found a the...