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  1. Maverick Turbo wont start

    Can-Am Maverick
    New to the forum and i need some help. I have a 2016 Maverick turbo and it wont start. When i turn the key all lights and dash come on and it recognizes the key. When i push the start button the starter relay clicks once and the lights go out but the machine wont start. I have load tested the...
  2. DS 250 won't stay running

    Can-Am DS
    I am not sure if this is a frequent problem and any help would be appreciated. I bought a 2007 DS 250 from my brother-in-law last fall, about a year ago. It pretty much sat in my garage all winter and summer except for a few time I got it out just to start it and take it around the block. We...
  3. I need help! wont start after mudding

    The Mud Pit
    Hey guys i would appreciate any help, I went mudding yesterday and got really stuck in canal mud and had to winch out but just as i was almost out the quad shut off, then i tried to start it again and the quad would only crank and crank and crank, i made sure it was full with fuel and it still...
  4. 06 outlander 400

    Can-Am / BRP
    I have a 06 can am that wont start, I have got fire and fuel but wont actually fire off. Just got done doing a head gasket and buying the tool required to put everything back at top dead center still wont kick off any ideas. The compression is still a little low and was wondering if it is...