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  1. Can-Am Maverick
    hello, so i bought a 014 maverick Xmr and before i pushed it i wanted to get its 100 hour service. well i just got it back from service where they did the 100 hours, added belt bypass, low gear bypass, and serviced the clutch he said. now today i took it out and it was topping out at 46 or 47...
  2. Can-Am Defender
    Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out how well the Defender XT HD10 would do as a trail ride vehicle. A few times a year it'd go on an all day trail ride (Wisconsin and/or Upper Michigan public trails). Has anyone taken an 8 hour ride with one before? If so, how'd it do? Comfortable? Fast...
  3. Can-Am Outlander
    Well, today I suppose I got caught speeding on the back roads close to my house. I could've ran from the cop but he already had my plate. Anyways I got caught at 131KM/h in an 80 zone. Got hand-cuffed, and he gave me a break because I didn't run. It was my first time cuffed and in the back of a...
  4. Can-Am Renegade
    hi guys, im fairly new here and im having some issues with my 07 renny...i got it completely stock about a year ago and was able to hit 120km/h @ 8000 rpm...since then ive added some mods that have increased its hp (full hmf exhaust with controller and dalton clutch kit)...after these id figure...
1-4 of 4 Results