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  1. Can-Am XMR
    Hi all, Having trouble shifting my 2018 XMR 1000 Turbo R SxS. had an issue where it wouldn’t shift out of low. Took consol between seats apart to examine linkage. Found the plastic mount for the shift lever pivot had broken. I put a steel plate in the beef up the mount. To replace the mount...
  2. BRP Traxter / Quest
    HI, have had a 2002 Quest since it was new, low miles but has done some hard work. Shifting lever won't stay in place and the machine slips out of gear. if i hold the lever in a specific gear it seems to work fine, but if i let go it will violently clunk into a different gear. Anyone have any...
  3. Can-Am Outlander
    Does anyone know where I can obtain the subject item?
  4. Can-Am / BRP
    Was riding and as i accelerated from a stop, something let go and I have no more rear drive. I rode the quad home in 4x4 only the front drivetrain works! My question is problem would be in gearbox or in motor, if the fwd still works driveshaft and rear diff are solid!
  5. Can-Am Renegade
    Anyone know where the problem is ? i also tright removing my CVTECH and secondary and put the original CanAm Clutch main / secondary on it still same problem but not so loud, my guess is the transmission or is it normal? it only comes when putting it in gear like H/L in Neutral it is not there...
  6. Can-Am Maverick
    2016 Maverick 1000R X-ds I've started getting a knock on take offs Soft take offs are fine. High or low doesn't matter. It also seems to roll back more when I take my foot off the brake, and it doesn't drive smoothly over the whoops. It pulsates. Clutches, axles and Joints all look good...
  7. Can-Am Outlander
    alright guys just bought a 08 can am 800 outlander xt, had 400 miles from an old man. looks brand new still. Anyway as soon as i get it i take it for a day of ridding and get it home park it in garage and come back out the next day and notice a leak between the engine and the transmission. the...
  8. Can-Am Outlander
    2013 outlander 650 I need to check and change my transmission oil I can't seem to find the fill bolt anyone know where it is and maybe have a picture or it?
  9. Can-Am Outlander
    Hey guys, when i put my outlander in forward gear, and i open it full throttle it will start to run forward an then its like if it gets out if is gear(does the same sound like if you put it in gear when the rev is too high) what would cause this? i cant do wheelie anymore lol thx
  10. Can-Am DS
    I just purchased a 2013 ds 250 for my wife. The transmission often "sticks" and is difficult to switch from forward to neutral to reverse and vise-versa... is this normal for the automatic transmissions? Thank you in advance.
  11. Can-Am Outlander
    On my 650 when I first put it in gear it will clunk and also in high gear if I ease on the throttle it will shake then at like 5 mph it will clunk again like its catching the gear? Any suggestions?
  12. Can-Am Renegade
    I have a 2009 Renegade 800. Just put big tires on it. I smoked the belt once. Rode fine since went in deep mud and the tranny sounded like it was skipping gears. Then today it did it in any gear and any speed. Tore cvt cover off and clutches the came v 810 behind the secondary had crack marks in...
  13. Can-Am Renegade
    Hi guys , firstable i want to excuse for my bad english im from colombia and my native lenguage its spanish but i really need your urgent help, im having some problems with my 07 renegade. 1) When im been riding for a while ( 30-45 mins) the renegade feels like it is drowned and disacelerates...
  14. Can-Am Renegade
    Im having a problem with my renegade 800x. For some reason the bike is only topping out at 51 to 52 mph and starts to over rev. Don't understand what the problem could be. I changed the bearings in the primary clutch and also changed the spring from the primary. Does anyone know what the problem...
  15. BRP Traxter / Quest
    My traxter XT is making a clunking noise. It sounds similar to trying to shift without shifting. I have the service manual. I have run the diagnostics. on page 06-07-7 I get abnormal results. This is for Code 3 and 4. These refer me to the valve and selenoids test. I have the appropriate test...
  16. Can-Am Outlander
    Ive noticed my engine oil gettin low for no reason at all, come to find out it was goin to my transmission some how. I did accidently pinch my crank case vent in my airbox(just found this out this weekend). Just wonderin if I may have blew a seal out between engine and trans. I noticed my trans...
  17. Can-Am / BRP
    Hello everybody, i have 2005y. rally 200 176cc with broken gearbox, when i opened it everything inside just fell off, every gear is broken and now i just don't know what to do, i was looking for used motors in my country with no results, so my question is: are there any alternatives in gearboxes...
1-17 of 17 Results