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  1. Front XMR diff swap??

    Can-Am Outlander
    I have a can am 1000xt and front/rear XMR diffs. After doing the research, I know that the rear prop shaft has to be an aftermarket shortened shaft for the rear swap. I have seen several write-ups. My question is what about the front XMR diff? I want to swap both but I cannot find any...
  2. XMR vs 1000 XT parts myths???

    Can-Am Outlander
    So I was lucky enough to score a 2014 XMR rolling chassis (only missing engine) from a repo sale. I already own a 2013 1000 xt outlander. My plan so far is to transplant the XMR Rad on to my bike and go from there. I have a ton of questions for the gurus! Are the diffs/axles/a arms and all that...
  3. Replacement Shocks for 2008 Outy 400

    Can-Am Outlander
    I purchased a used 2008 Outlander 400 for my wife last year. I noticed the suspension was pretty soft and sags significantly in the rear. I tried to adjust the rear shocks and couldn't get it to budge, even with the rear jacked off the ground. I wanted to upgrade the shocks on my 2007...
  4. 1k XMR Rear Diff tech

    Can-Am / BRP
    I figured I would start a thread on what it takes to install the 2013/14/15 1,000 and 2015 800 XMR rear diff into the G2 chassis. This is the bigger Differential with more pinon support and Hypoid gears.:clapsmilie: For 800 single seat bikes (renegade or outlanders) the 2015 800 XMR "short"...
  5. Outlander Max Axle Upgrade

    Can-Am Outlander
    I’m looking to upgrade the axles on my 2008 Max 800. I’m an aggressive rider and I put the Kenda Bearclaw HTR’s on it. After a good riding season with the tires the right rear axle snapped. I’ve been looking around the web and there are several options so I’m looking for some feedback...
  6. Killin the first hole of the season

    Can-Am Outlander
  7. Bigger Tires = broken Axle?? HELP

    Can-Am Outlander
    Hey guys. I posted in the tires section a few days ago with a few questions about what tires I should go with on my can am. only got one response so i figured id give another section a try with a few more questions. Im running a can am 650 outlander xt V-twin. Snorkel / Radiator relocate and...
  8. Pick Your Brains

    Can-Am Outlander
    So I recently purchased a 2010 outlander 800 XT, I put 28" Zillas on black 212's before it left the door. I have 9 hours on it. Absolutely love it........but...... I have a buddy with the Polaris 850 XP that wants to race, I must ensure I win....haha..... So I am hoping someone can help me...